Harry Potter x Draco Malfoy


I do not own any of the Harry Potter series or the characters TRIGGER WARNING!! DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE SENSITIVE TO SUICIDAL THOUGHTS AND CUTTING!!! If u don’t not know what drarry is well it's a ship of Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy and u can watch it for free on Peacock tv also sorry I forgot to put "s where there speaking

Fantasy / Other
Lilly Malfoy
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Part 1

Harry’s POV:

i just wanted the pain to end, and the only way to do that is to create more pain. ever since i was 3, my cousin and aunt and uncle have beat me. and i didn't know why. not until i found out i was a wizard, and why they hated me. the worst beating i ever got was at 7, thats when i started cutting myself. my mother was always loved by her parents but hated by her sister when they . found out. at least i'm here. people think that i'm so happy all the time. but i am really depressed, i cut ever night, just hoping, i might bleed out. i want to try and get help, but my "friends" are leaving me behind. so that really helps my condition a lot. i couldn't talk to anyone that won't judge me, so i am alone, completely. I put up a mask so no one sees what i really am, a stupid little boy who has nothing in his life. nothing but pin that is. i go up to one of the towers and sit down,. i lie coming up here. wind comes through when i open the door and i sit by a opened window. it was a small tower i sat in. this was my place to just be myself. i looked to see if anyone was there, and i take out a blade. i make sure no one will here me screaming and i cut. tears stream down my face as i cut more. i'm screaming. i want to stop but i don;t. after i do about 20 cuts i stop and i look up at the stars thinking of my parents, sirus black, cedric, and everyone else i have lost. i don't want to be harry potter the -boy-who-lived like everyone thinks i am. i just want to be me, but i can't without judgment. tears are still streaming down my face, i still have the blade in my hands. i then hear the door creak open, but fainlty, so i think it's just the wind. but then i hear a voice. potter? i know who that is. i didn't want to talk right now so i just ignore him. potter? what's wro- he stops mid sentence. WHAT DID YOU DO!!! he says. must have seen the pool of blood on the floor, and the blood coming down my wrist. he comes running to me. i turn away fro him. i don't want to fight draco, just go. no, not until i get answers. what they heck are you doing? how long for? what is happening. he ha panic in his voice. i didn't know he cared so much. (oh harry, you don't know much of anything yet!, wink wink ;)

more tears came down my face. draco saw i still had the balde and tied to yan it. but i didn't let go, only causing blood to come from my hand. he finally got out of my grasp. now tell me, what is happening. i start crying harder and he grabs me. i feel safe and warm i feel sparks, as i am with him. i don't want him to let go. i tell him everythingi can without crying harder then i was. i managed to fall asleep, fir the first time in months. i didn't wake up till morning.

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