Harry Potter x Draco Malfoy

Part 2

Dracos Pov:

harry had just told me everything, and has been crying for a while. i was so worried. i mean, i love him. i know i seem mean to him, but i love him, and i shouldn't, i know that, but i do. he is awesome, so cute, sweet, well, to his friends. and losing him would be a nightmare. harry, is everything to me. i heard harry stopped crying and his breath was even. he must have . fallen asleep. he looked as if he was tired already. i used a spell to see how much slee he had been getting, but it was none at all. all he does is cut, cry, and sit up here. i coulsn't just leave him here asleep. i have my own room, so i can take him there. i picked him up, and he was a lot lighter then i thought he would be. to light. he was getting skinnier, why did i just now notice. i just noticed he hasn't come to et anything in a little while. now i was really getting worried. i take him to my room and set him on my bed. i took of his shoes and put the covers over him. i smile weakly at the sleeping boy, with tears painted in his face. why did he hae to go through so much pain, and not event ell anyone. i have noticed he doesn't sit with his friends. i used anoterh spell to see if he had still been friends with them


harry, don't you get it, me and ron were never friends with you, dumbldore just paid us to be friends with you, but not anymore. your so annoying. we just hate you! said hermione in the most terrible tone ever. they left and harry was alone. he started crying and ran to the bathroom. he brought out his blade and cut himself more.

end of flashback

oh, i'm going to kill that filthy mudblood, i say. no one speaks to my harry potter like that, not on my watch. i rubbed back his hair back as i watched him sleep soundly. a tear came down my face, now knowing what was going on with him. i went to the chair, and went to sleep, dreaming of harry and how, he finally opened up to me, even though i am terrible to him. i just want him to be okay, and never leave me. what have you done to me potter? i say in a soft whisper.

Harry's Pov:

i woke up in the slythrin house. everything came back to me, and that funny feeling came back. what was happing. for a little while now, every time i saw draco, i get this funny feeling. and last night i felt safe, and warm. i hear the shower turn off. that might be draco. so i just i wait. but the next thing i know, i am staring at him without a shirt! what are you staring at potter. i then turned away making it look like i was starting all around the room. how did i get here? i ask. i brought you here, you fell asleep on me, and i couldn't just leave you out there, and i can't get into your house, so, this was the only place to bring you too. i blushed when he said i "fell asleep" on him. i think that was the best night sleep i have gotten in a long time. i gave a little smile. what time is it? 7 in the morning. wow, it's break right? yeah, draco said. good, i won't have to deal with anyone for 3 weeks then. harry said. hey, i'v noticed you don't go and eat anything anymore. and plus you are getting skinnier, and you are a lot lighter then i thought you would be. i know there is more that you are not telling. i just know it. what is going on with you potter? i told you everything. no you haven't. i can feel it. a tear went down my face. my throat was already raw from last night. pain went all through my body as i remembered every nightmare i have had, as i remembered what my "friends" did, as i remembered what dombloder did, and as i remembered sirus, my godfather, as i remember seeing the green lightning in my house the night my parents died, as i remembered cedric. i began to sob. i then felt arm around me. i looked up to see draco with a face i have never seen on him... concern. i buried my face into his chest as sobs racked all through my body. i was feeling more pain, but i felt warm, and safe, like i could trust draco. i could see draco was accepting me, and who i really am. an, the boy-who-lived. who know he was so weak on the inside huh? you put on a good mask. i guess i did, i said. i was still holding on to draco. i didn't want to leave his side. no one was going to be here anyways. i think it was only me and draco and of course the professers, that are here. i recall that my friends told me they were leaving at night. ron asked if i wanted to stay with him, but i said no. i didn't want to bother them. so i guess it was just me and malfoy. i can't believe this. i gell asleep, ON MALFOY! i have to get out of here soon, or whatever is happening will stop, and i don't want to get into a fight. well, i better get going. he pulls me back down, you need to get some rest. no one else is here but you and me and the professer. come on mal- no, i am keeping an eye on you now that i know something is going on, and i can't be the one that people think killed you of they see you dead. so, you are staying here by my side, until you have gotten some rest and i know you are getting better. malfoy, are are acting strange, your being nice to me, whats going on? do you want something from me. no, it's just fingers will be pointed at me if thye think i was the one that did it, i mean, we are at each others necks like 24/7. and they know i might want to do something. so you are not leaving until i know you are getting better. fine. i then lie down and close my eyes. what is going on with him, i mean, he hugged me, he brought me to his room. he let me sleep in here and didn't wake me up. he says he wants me to get better. yes he doesn't want to seem like the one who killed me, but i think there is more than that. and i intend to find out. but also while i find out what this feeling is when he is around. it's weird. it's nothing like i have ever felt, not even with anyone else. as i fall asleep, i hear soft snoring and malfoy is asleep and my heart fluttered. why do i feel like this!

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