Harry Potter x Draco Malfoy

Part 3

Dracos Pov:

i wake up seeing harry is asleep. a soft snore slipped his lips. he was so cute curled up like that. his black hair was a mess. i smiled as he shifted a little bit. i then found that he put his arm on my chest. i blush a little and my heart flutters. he was the most beautiful human on earth. i can't believe this is happening. my potter was sleeping in my bed with his arm around me. i thought i was dreaming, but inside i could tell this was real, but then i became sad knowing that if this is real, then him hurting is true. he started mumbling something. he shifted around and his face scrunched up, he was having another nightmare, like the ones he told me about. i shook him a little, but it didn't work, i then called for his name and shook him. harry? i say. harry? he wakes up with a jolt. tears falling from his eyes again. he the washed them away. hey, it's okay, your okay potter. i out my hand on his shoulder. i'm fine malfoy, i'm okay, i just need some fresh air. okay. i say. he gets up and leaves the room. i didn't want to smuggle him, so i let him go on his own.

Harry's Pov:

something is going on with malfoy, i don't know what, but i am not sure if i like like this. but malfoy, i just have the weirdest feeling around him now, i have since i saw him last year. and it just got stronger. i don't know what this feeling is. when i saw him with his shirt off, i couldn't look away, what do i do? can someone please tell me what is going on here?! i want to know what malfoy is up too, he is being nice to me, and when he hods me in his arms, i feel safe, and warm, and liked for once in my life, i'm loved. how could that be though, no one loves me, no one has ever, except for my godfather and mom and dad. no one else though, not even dombldore. all anyone ever wanted to do was kill me, or they just like me because of the fame. well i don't want to be famous, i don't want to be the boy-who-lived. i hated it! i just wish people would leave me alone! i shouldn't be here. i should have been with my parents by now. i thought last night was the night. i thought when i was fighting voldimort, that was the end. i thought i was gone, and i was going to be happy again, but no, i came back. i grab a stone and throw it across the black lack. al least i'm not a the dursley's. that would have been worst. thi place i can cal home, kinda i guess. ron and hermione aren't here so, i'm gas they are gone. i don't ever want to see them again. never, not after what they did. but, of course, he would see them again in about 3 weeks. we have classes together still, and i hate it. i am so worthless in this world. the world be so much better off with be gone. no one would care. i would be with my family again, the only people that love me. i just wanted sirius, and my parents again. i hadn't noticed that i was crying again. my throat was sore and my body was aching. i fell on a tree and slid down it. all i ever do is cry, think that i am nothing, and cut. i thought to when i thought my "friends" were my friends. they seemed so nice to me. but little did i know, i was going to be hurt by them. we had such great times with each other. why did they hate me. just why? i pulled my knees to my chest and buried my head into my knees. i looked u at the sky. the breeze felt nice on my tear stained face. i had calmed down now. but pain racked through my body. i heard someone behind me. when i turned around, i saw the malfoy was there.what do you want now? i say, voice breaking again. i wanted to check on you. i'm fine, i say. are you sure? yes malfoy, i'm fine. let me see your arms. what? give me your arms. no. i say plainly. i said give me your arms now. he comes over and i look at him. he then takes my arms and lifts up my sleeves. i knew he knew there was more on other places of my body. there is more right? he asks. yes, i say quietly. you have to stop. don't you think i don't know that! i want to stop, but i can't, and i want to talk to someone, but i can't without them judging me! you can talk to me. i won't judge. i will help you. what do you want malfoy. what? your being nice to me, what do you want. nothing. i just want to help. there has to be something more than that. there isn't. come on malfoy, by now you would be fighting me, and tell me you would tell everyone when they get back, so i can just be humiliated, you would be telling me to do it by now if there wasn't something you wanted from me. i swear potter, there is nothing. i look away. please, just talk to me. he put his hand on my shoulder. please potter. he then did something i would never expect. he put his hand on my cheek. his hand was clod, but i felt warm. he made me look at him. please, just talk to me. tears swelled in my eyes again, i tried to talk, but i couldn't. no, not again, i'm not going to cry again. i refused to let the tears come down my face. malfoy then pulled me into anther hug. i hugged him back, which was weird. what is he doing to me?

Dracos Pov: i held potter in my arms. one hand on his back, and one hand on his head. i pulled him closer to me. i just hope he didn't here how fast my heart was going, cause i knew my heart was going fast. i mean like, i could feel my heart rushing against my chest as i heard him breathing. i smiled a little. he was just so cute, why can't i ever just be nice to him like i am now. why when people are around, i act like he is some stupid idiot. he was hurting before, but i probably just made it worse, and even worse. i hate myself for that. why did i have to fall in love with him, out of anyone in the world... him. a cold wind blow and potter shuddered underneath me. i held him closer keeping him warm. lets go inside before we catch a cold hey? we can go back to your room or mine. he just nodded and we left to back inside. where do you want to go? lets go to my room, harry said. alright. but you can't listen to what the password is, got it?! alright potter. we get to the painting of the fat lady. i turn around and cover my ears so i don't hear anything. once it is open, we go in and go up to his room. so this is what a gryffindor room looks like, i say. yep. he tells me to sit in a chair, while he sits on his bed. i can't believe that i am in the room of the person i am in love with. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!!! what did i ever do to deserve such an amazing boy in my life. i just wish he would talk to me, so i can help him. i just want him to get better, and not have me scared to death about when the last time i will see him ever again. please god, don't let me lose him, not today, not soon, not ever. so, why are you trying to help me? because, i don't want people to think i was the one that killed you if you go through with it. people already hate me has it is. they would hate me even worse if they thought it was me, and no one would believe me. what ever you say, potter says. i do have to say, that was the best sleep i have gotten in a long time. he gave a small smile. thank god he was calm for once since i found out. i don't want him to feel pain. I hate to see him like this. why do you hate me, but then act all nice to me? potter says. okay, listen, i don't hate you, or your friends. i had to act like i didn't know what granger did. so he thought i didn't follow him or something. well, there not my friends anymore. they hated me when they fort met me, but dumbldore payed them to be my froends. they were really good acting the part, i have to say that. i'm sorry potter. it's fine. so why is it you don't hate me , but act like you do. the thing is, i'm jealous of you. what? you get everything, but now i know you hate that, and it makes you sad. yeah, well fame isn't what you think it is. it just makes you messed up, cause you know, everyone loves you, only for your fame. it's not fun, you would't like this. potter, look. i was wondering, maybe we can be friends. he looks at me wide eyed. i never thought i would ever hear those words come from your mouth. he chuckles, i do to. man, he is just so cute, his smile, his messy hair, his laugh, his chuckle... him. sure malfoy, we can be friends, but you can not use me anymore. i smiled. i promise on my life, i will not use you. you want to know something, because of my cousin and aunt and uncle, i never really let people in, it was hard to open up to people. then i let in hermione and ron, but that failed after all these years. so, i might not yet open up completely to you. it's fine potter. but when i feel i can trust you better, then i might open up more. you can trust me, but i get it. you were betrayed by so many people in your life. and others have left you. so if you need time, i get it. he smiled, thanks malfoy, or should i say draco now?

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