Harry Potter x Draco Malfoy

Part 4

Dracos Pov:

did he just call me draco for once. without hesitation, i say yes. cool, he says. and i shall call you harry. we started laughing and fell to the ground. the dark haired raven boy laid next to me. and he looked happy for once. so that made me happy. i didn't want that smile to go away from his face. he was so cute like this, and i just wanted him to stay happy. thats all i ask god, please, let him be happy.

Harry's Pov:

how did this happen. i just called draco, draco. did we just become friends? did he say he was jealous of me? i can't believe this. what is this feeling i keep getting. you know, i just remembered, ron asked me to go home with him, after hermione said that they hated me, and ron was always nicer to me then hermione was. i think ron was really my friend, and when hermione told me everything, he looked sad, and worried. i think he was my true friend, and i just told him to leave me alone when he offered me his home. but why did hermione hate me? all i ever was to her was nice. what did i ever do to her to make her hate me. hey, wanna go get some lunch? draco asks. yeah, sure. we leave and go get some lunch. it was already 12. wow. no one was in the great hall so no one would think something is up. we sit down at a table and then the food appeared. i didn't realize i was so hungry and i grab some food and started eating. me and draco talked and talked, we got to know each other more. we laughed and laughed. it was nice having a real friend. we stayed in silence for a little while and just smiled. this was fun, i say. yeah, it was. we smile at each other.

Dracos Pov:

wow, we are really friends now. i can't believe this. god, and he is smiling. i still remember when we met, i thought he was just so amazing.


mr. malfoy, you are to show this young boy around the school, i think you will make great friends. said professer dumbldore. but the thing is, i didn't see anyone. oh harry, come on out. malfoy, this is harry potter. wow, i thought, this is harry potter. he looked scared, so fragile. pleasse, go and shoe him around while i go and take care of somethings. he left with that and my friends came in, oh great. oh look here, fresh meat. you about to teach him who rules here? his eyes widened. he look more scared then ever. i then noticed that he had a bruise on his left cheek. he backed up in the corner. i smirked, i was only going to do this because of my "friends". now listen here, i rule here, even h=though, your the boy-who-lived, does not mean this place is yours. this is my place you here me? and with that we left. when my friends left, i looked inside and he was crying. he was in a ball on the floor. he looked so scared. he sounded hurt too.

end of flashback

we have come a long way. he didn't trust anyone but weasly and granger, and of course dumbldore. but everything has changed for them, they always hated him, but dumblodre, he just wanted harry to have friends, but what he didn't know, was that they hated him. what did he ever do to make them hate him so much. man draco, i'm already getting tired, and it' only 1. what should we do. i don't know. lets go walk. okay. we go outside and walk, it was a beautiful afternoon. we sat down by the black lake. the breeze was nice out here, the sun looked amazing on the lake. i love this time of day, harry says. when i can, i come out here and just stare at the lake. even if it is raining. is that why your always sick now? yeah, you could say that. i see him smile that cute smile he has. i wish he would smile like that all the time. it suits him. what are you doing to me potter? i ask myself.

*3 days later*

Harry's Pov:

i don't know what these feelings are professer. well, mr.potter, it osunds like you are in love with draco. what! no way, i'm not in love with draco, we are only friends. do you show an intrest in girls? what do you mean? have you ever liked a girl. no, now that ithink about it. i mean, i have kissed a girl, but i felt nothing. like i was empty, i didn't like either. it felt wrong, and weird. what do you think when you see boys? would you date a boy? i don't know. think of draco harry, do you see yourself with him, as in dating wise? i closed my eyes and imagined me with draco. i got that woerd feelign again. oh my god! do i love draco?! i thought to my self. even if i did, i wouldn't have a chance, i know he has to be straight. i just know it. i can't let myself break anymore over him. i opened my eyes and with a plain voice i say, yes. i am in love with draco malfoy. i hear her squeal. you guys would make a cute couple. professer, calm down, he probably isn't even gay. oh, you never know. she smiled and left. this can not be happeing! i like draco malfoy. oh my god. i took a deep breath and went up to my "calm down tower".i sat diwn by the window like i do each time. i looked down and saw where the pool of blood was from the last time. i didn't have my blade, i had my wand though. then i remebered a curse. i grabbed my wand and pointed at my arm, i said softly, crucio. and a serge of pain went through my body, i bit my li from screaming i tarted bleeding badly. i stopped the curse. my arm hurt so bad i couldn't move. i was crying again, thinking how everything would be different. "no one needs you here, your not loved, everyone hates you, no one will accept you, this place would be better without you" i thought. i picked up a rock and threw it across the room. if only hagri didn't come. i would be gone by now and with my parents. but i guess this place is better then the dursleys.

Dracos Pov:

you and granger hurt him! look, i am the one that was really a true friend, she just thought i hated him, but he is truly my best friend. please draco you have to believe me, and since when do you care about harry? look, he has been through a lot, and you don't kow anything, he is n pain, and i found him one night crying and doing something, and sicne i am trying to help him get better, well, we became friends. look, i just want to see him. please? i don't know where he his wesley. i havn't seen him all d- what was that? me and wesley saw green lightning in a tower. oh no, that where harry goes. follow me! i yell at the red head and we start running. we are walking up the stairs and hear muffled crying. that as harry. i ran to the door but it was locked. harry open up! i yell. just go away draco! he yells rom the other side. harry potter open this door. Alohomora, i say pointing my wand at the door lock. the door opened and we ran in. harry! his arm was bloody, and torn up, he had his wand out and i knew what he used. i ran to him and grabbed his wand. harry, you have to stop this. i already took the blade, don't make me take your wand to. his face was tear stained, and all i saw was hurt, sorrow, and saddness. a boy who thought he had nothing to live for. i wrapped him up in my arms and saw he was skinnier then the other day. but didn't he just eat a lot? i picked him up and he rested his head on my chest. he closed his eyes and was breathing heavily. he was calming down but he was still in pain. i take him to my house along with wesley, who i guess harry didn't see. then again, i don't think he could see much, and i set him on the couch. he was asleep already and i healed his arm. so, you got to see him. you can go back hom wesley. no, not until i say i am sorry. i just him to be safe. as trys to near harry i block his way. it was like i was a protective mother or something trying to save her cub. draco, let me by. no. weasly came and said he was looking for harry and i said leave him alone, but h didn't give up, well i'm not giving up too. he is not getting near harry, not on my watch. get away from harry, i say to wesley. let me see him. no. i then hear harry start moving around. i run to him. he scrunches up his face. i close my eyes and see his dream.

inside the dream

sirius! no!! i'm going to kill you! bellatrix starts running and harry falls to the ground. his eyes are green and his face is tear staind. he was reliving the night his godfather died. the dream setting changed and we were on a beach. harry potter? harry looks over at the house elf. it was dobby. is this how dobby died? dobby! dobby falls into his arms. someone help! please! dobby dies in hs arms. the setting changes again. Avada Kedavra! i hear someone say, then green lighting. there was a scar just like harry's on a baby, and a women on the ground.she has red dark hair and a white blouse. i look over and see he-who-must-not-be-named. he is holding the wand out to the baby. but he doesn't do anything. this must be when harrys parents died. i see him leave, and after i see professer snape he comes in and starts crying. he falls to the ground by the women and picks he rup, lighting comes through and harry starts to cry even more. then it changes again. i see peter pettigrew and he is pointing a wan at- oh my god, this is when cedric died. before the lighting hits cedric harry wakes up causing me to jerk out. harry is crying and yelling. hey, it's okay, it's okay. i'm here now, it's okay, please just cam down. i pull him in a tight hug and he cried into my shoulder. i thought you were getting better harry. it had already been a few days and you were smiling again. come on, please try and get better harry. do you stil have those dreams everynight? al he does is shakes his head, and somehow, i hug him even tighter. he was calming down a little but still crying. i just sat there and held him tight, and whispered sweat things in his ear, and i was petting his head. i even forgot that Wesley was there. why did harry have to feel so much pain in his life. and he still hasn't told me everything i need t know. he won't, and i get, it is hard to trust someone and i know, one day he will tell me everything. and i just wish he would now. i want to try and help him, but i can't without knowing everything. i hate them draco, i hate them so much. he says. why do you hate. my aunt and uncle, and my cousin. i hate them! what did they do? i say. he lets go of me and i look at him. his face is red and tears streaming down, his eyes were puffy, and his haor was a mess. when i was 3, they started beating me, and just beating me, because they thought i was a freak. they were abusie, i was forced to live under the stairs. when i was 7, i got the worse beating ever. and ever since then, i started cutting my self. every night. they hurt me everyday and night. he was crying even harder again and i pulled him into another hug. i rubbed his back with soft circles. shhh... it's okay, i got you, your okay, your gonna be okay, i promise. just don't ever use that spell again, please. well, he opened up to me more i can't believe this. i'm going to kill those stupid muggles. i held onto him tighter and tighter, the more he cried. i was petting his head again, when wesley buttted in. harry? he lifted his head i shock. what do you want? i wanted to say i was sorry. please, harry, i always your real friend. then why didn't you help me when hermione said all that stuff. harry, i invited you to my house. i think that is telling you, i am still your friend. yeah, well, just go. go away. i don't want you here. my only true friend now is draco. yeah, so go now wesley. before i give you a knuckle sandwich. i jus-- go away! harry yelled. he then left the room with his head down. i looked back at harry. let me see your arm, i healed it, but not all the way. he gives me his arm, and i look to see if there are any bruises. i pull up his sleeve and see the cuts he has done in the past. i take a deep breath and search his arm more. his arm looks okay from the curse. so i let go. i look up at him. harry, please, stop this. i hate seeing you like this. please don't do this. i can't lose you. your my first real best friend since after the war. i can't stand to lose you. he looks into my eyes. you are the only person that would even care if i left. thats not true harry. yes it is. i'm ugly, no one likes me, my family is dead, i a called a freak back at home, beat too. no one wants me here. hey, your not ugly, your beautiful. opps, what did i just sya. did you just sayi was beautiful? maybe. he smiles a little. i look at him. i left my hand up and touch one of his cheeks.i leane in loser. what a i doing. i keeping leaning in until our lips collide. he had soft lips, but dry from the crying. the kiss felt as if it lasted forever. but we pulled apart. we smile and lay down. i'm holding harry tight and he has his head on my chest. i playing with his hair, as i feel my eyes getting heavy. harry is already asleep in my arms, i smile and kiss his head and fall asleep, knowing that i had finally kiss harry potter, the man i love.

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