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When We Fell Apart


It's been four years since Taehyung had broken up with his ex-boyfriend, Yoongi, and now wants a fresh start. However, things doesn't always go as planned or the way you want. What will happen when the two meet each other once again? Will fate bring them back together or will they stay apart?

Erotica / Other
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"Why are you with him?!"

"Why do you even care?!"

"Because you're mine! You'll always be mine!"

This is our fifth time arguing. Every time we'd get into one, I'd always be the one running back into his arms after apologizing, but not this time.

At some point in life, it'd become tiring and overwhelming to always be the one saying 'sorry' and running back to the same person over and over again; the same one who caused your heart to break all over again and again, until it finally happened. I got tired of it — being the same fool that I was four years ago. I knew I was worthy of something, but not a heartbreak.

Scoffing, I looked back up to see him almost on the verge of tears as he formed fists, looking back at me with desperate eyes. Just seeing him like that made me feel a pang of guilt, but I still held my guard up.

Walking closer, I formed a little smirk and smiled bitterly as I placed my hand on the right side of his cheek.

Now, I was not going to be that same weak-minded and fragile boy anymore. If there was one thing that was going to be different about this Taehyung, it would be his newfound strength against those who did him wrong; me wrong.

"No no. I used to be yours."

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