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The Uchiha Line: A Forgotten Story of Konoha and the Lies that Protect It


Sasuke Uchiha finally accomplishes his life goal of avenging his family and killing his brother Itachi. Only to find out at his brother's death that he was in fact his savior and there are far darker things out there than what Itachi did to the Uchiha clan. For example a voice in Sasuke's head that is urging him to find a woman and restart the clan, much to his chagrin. Read Sasuke's battle of avenging his brother and family by infiltrating Konoha and stopping the voice in his head that he calls "the demon" from enacting its own plans with his body. (Will update summary later)

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Sasuke could only recount one previous moment in life where he was frozen in fear like he was in this very second. And it came long before his Genin days once again at the hands of his Onisan-Itachi.

Sasuke’s little legs couldn’t keep up with his 11 year old frantic brain. He kept chanting to himself “Okaa-San Omaa-San, where is Okaa-san?” He ignored the bodies of his clansmen and suppressed his bile at the congealed blood squishing between his toes with every loud splash of a step.
Yet as fast as he was going Sasuke always felt his body was swimming through molasses. Buildings rushed past in blurs until he finally got home. The clan’s police force were slaughtered and his front door blasted in. Who did this?
He rushed into every room moving onto the next until he got to his parents bedroom and saw them lying on top of each other. Bodies pale and the tatami mats below them stained a dark crimson. This time little Sasuke couldn’t stop the bile and he threw up in the doorway. Shakes wracked his body but he had to keep moving.
“Oni-San where are you?” He called out.
Tears half blinding him as he passed Itachi’s empty bedroom. Sasuke made his way to the main courtyard outside his home just in time to see Itachi stand from his kill and clean his sword.
“Oni-san, what happened to mom and dad? Why are you standing over cousin Shisui?” He asked hiccoughing in between his words at his upset.
“We do not know what kind of people we truly are until the moment before our deaths. As death comes to embrace you, you will realize what you are. That’s what death is, don’t you think Aniki?”
*Flashback End*

Itachi’s sordid and bloody figure crept towards Sasuke and as his hand reached towards his head; Sasuke felt the cold wash of horror fall way to confusion when he gently flicked his fingers against his forehead before passing out at his feet. Sasuke couldn’t bring himself to look down.
He could already sense Itachi’s chakra had dwindled to nothing and this time he was actually dead. His Oni-San was actually dead. He did it. He did it... Sasuke felt then the weight of their battle on his body and he was dying fast.
The pain was so immense he barely registered Itachi’s blood trickle down his forehead and into his own eyes. He fell to his knees and then to the ground next to Itachi. So this is the end of the Uchiha clan? He thought, a bittersweet satisfaction at the question once his victory has finally, finally been achieved. As he felt his eyes slide shut and the wind and rain batter down on him, a voice came into his head. “Not yet it’s not boy. You have one last mission for the clan before I’ll allow you to die.”

** End Chapter 1 **
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