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The Lone Alpha Wolf


Fiction A Story Of A Wolf Who Has Been On Her Own Ever Since Birth

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The Lone Alpha Wolf

Chapter: 1

On January 13th,a baby wolf was born into a alpha family.Her family members were all grey alpha wolves.The baby alpha wolf was cream white in colour,she looked nothing liker her fellow family members.Though,she was the most rarest among her family.Her dad thought she would ruin the Bløød Møøn Alpha Pack.So he decided on his own without his family members imput to abandon the little wolf.Pov:"I know they will not agree with me so im better off deciding myself".

"That is unfair!" said the little wolf's "sister"

"She also deserves a life like ours,she might be different and stronger but you can't abandon her!!.

"FOR GOD SAKES SHE IS YOUR DAUGHTER!!".shouted her "mother".Her "father" was shoke with surprise and picked up the little wolf and left her ouside.The next day the little wolf woke up and her family had left for their new home without her.She whined and whined,Until,she said to herself "they left without me because im different,i'll show them that i can take care of my self,alone!".

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