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The Lone Alpha Wolf

The Lone Alpha Wolf

"After being alone for 4 years as a pup,she now has the strength to take care of herself better-Writer. Now on...

Chapter: 2

"If you are wondering, my name is Alex,im a female alpha wolf. My family abandoned me a long time ago,during winter.I was freezing and hungry, but i learned to survive for 4 years. So this is my story"-Alex

"Ah!,today is a new day can't wait to go hunting.

I stand at the top of the mountain as the wind blew through my white fluffed fur,gazing at the snowy sights.

"In Snowfrost Island the name of my island or you can say home is a place where winter stays and never goes.

Here in Snowfrost Island, there are lots to do. Growing up i had never played with other wolves,they were either scared of me or just ignored me."-Alex

"She carried on like a solider, and tried to forget her family but the memory of her dad leaving her alone in the dark,cold blizzard.Nothing can hurt someone more than her own parent,family,abandoning her" -writer

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