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Melting the heart of steel | Clark Kent.


××× What happens when Clark Kent starts working as a journalist for the daily planet? What happens when he meets a bright and optimistic girl with a wicked sense of humour? What happens when his heart begins to melt for such girl? Read to find out... ×××

Romance / Other
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Chapter 01, introduction part 1.

"No thanks," Evie responded to her co-worker, Steve Lombard's offer without hesitation. Even if she wanted to go, she couldn't, she was absolutely buried in work from the neck down.

Ever since the arrival of 'Superman', reporter's like herself have been working over time trying to tell his story or at least even a fragment of information that the general public doesn't know. Evie wasn't like the other reporter's, sure she was interested but seeing just how many people are after the same thing, she wasn't about to dive into that pool.

So instead, she focused on more of what the general puplic thought of this new hero and it was honestly interesting. She never got the same answer twice.

Steve leaned over her desk, trying to get back her attention as she typed away on her computer. "Oh come on, Evangeline."

Evie grimaced, she hated her full name with a passion. "Please don't call me that," she practically begged, her face still set in a grimace.

Steve sighed, having finally given up and turned towards another co-worker, Lois Lane. "Come on Lois, when ya gunna throw me a bone?" He asked, before he held up his tickets. "Court-side seats to the game tonight, what do ya say?"

Evie gave her friend an apologetic look, which Lois returned with an amused one. Evie knew that Lois was working over time on the whole 'superman's identity' and so far, she'd come up blank, and it was driving her insane.

"I say you should go back to trolling the intern pool, you'll probably have more luck." she answered with a hidden satisfaction as she handed a couple files to her intern, a rather nice girl called Jenny. "Sorry," she smiled apologetically up at Jenny, having realised what she said.

Jenny didn't seem at all offended and was about to take her leave, to probably deliver whatever was in those files to wherever they needed to be, but Steve stopped her by holding up the tickets. "Court-side?" He asked, showing off the expensive looking tickets.

"Run, Jenny, run!" Evie teased, as Lois looked towards her with a grin before looking back at Jenny. "Don't." She told her, trying to hold in a laugh.

Jenny laughed nervously, before she shook her head. "No." The three girls laughed at Steve's defeated expression, however there laughter was cut short by their boss.

"Lombard, Watson, Lane." At the mention of there names, Evie, Lois and Steve stopped whatever they were doing and turned towards their boss. Perry white, the editor in chef of the Metropolis newspaper, the Daily Planet. Mr White has very high ethical and journalistic standards and is a rather tough and irascible and difficult man, but he was a fair-minded boss and Evie quite liked him for the most part.

"I want you to meet out new stringer and i want you to show him the ropes, Everybody this is Clark Kent." He motioned towards the guy standing behind him, the guy turned at the mention of his man. "Good luck kid," Perry muttered, patting his shoulder before he walked off.

Evie looked up towards the new guy and couldn't help but be curious about him, there was just somthing... she didn't know how to describe it, and judging by Lois' expression, she noticed it too.

"Hey, Steve." Steve introduced himself, offering a friendly hand.

"Nice to meet you," Clark nodded, returning the hand shake. His voice was deep and called attention.

"Hi," lois said, hurriedly getting up from her desk to greet the newcomer. "Welcome to the planet." She greeted, offering him a friendly smile.

"Glad to be here," he replied, returning her smile with one of his own.

"He's not an alien, Lois." Evie interrupted with a grin, as she too got up from her desk to greet the new guy. "Hi, I'm Evie." She introduced, offering a friendly hand.

Clark chuckled, before he took it, "Clark." He introduced himself, smiling brightly. Evie had to cran her neck back to return his smile. Geeze, this guy was tall.

"So Clark, do you have any experience being a reporter or journalist?" Evie asked, after she took her hand back and leaned against her desk.

"I did the school news paper once," Clark answered nervously, his hand coming up to rub at his neck. Probably a nervous habit, Evie noted.

Steve gave him a look, but didn't say anything. Neither did Lois.

Evie offered him a polite smile, "well, it's a start." She looked towards her coworkers and then back to Clark. "Well, seeing as it's your first day how about you shadow one of us, ya know, get the gist of the job and everything." She asked.

Clark looked towards Steve and Lois, "If it's not to much trouble..."


Lois quickly elbowed Steve in the side before he could protest, Evie giggled at the face he pulled. "It's no trouble at all, really. Anything to help out a new co-worker." Lois explained with a smile.

"Well then it's settled, though i will warn you, Kent. There's only one thing in the news nowadays." Evie joked.

"I think you mean 'guy', not 'thing'." Lois corrected her. However when Clark only grew more confused, she decided to elaborate. "Superman." She told him.

"Oh," Clark exclaimed, before he looked between the three coworkers. "Do you guy's not like him or somthing?" He asked.

"Oh no, it's not that we don't like him. It's just that he's everywhere and so naturally all the reporter's want a peice of him." Evie explained, her eyes then met Lois'. "Isn't that right, Lois." She grinned, raising her eyebrows suggestively.

Lois blushed and she sighed loudly, "ah, what i wouldn't give to do a report on superman. I believe there is an amazing story to be told here." She exclaimed excitedly.

"Oh, and what if he doesn't what his story told?" Evie asked, hypertheticly, earning a look from Clark.

"And what exactly are you doing, Watson?" Lois challenged, growing alittle annoyed with her grinning friend.

"Easy, I'm out to see what the general puplic think of this new hero." She confirmed, a wide grin on her face. "It's quite interesting actually."

"I'm just doing a report about an incident involving him last week, ya know, how he saved some old woman from being hit by a car." Steve explained, butting into the conversation.

"Exactly, so who'll it be Clark. Lombard, Lane or myself?" Evie asked the newcomer, that now looked very uncomfortable with the situation.

| to be continued... |

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