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Rein Enters the Story | MHA AU


What were I to do if my OC arrived in BNHA/MHA out of no where? Good question! But..I can't answer that. Only you can, by reading! <3 Follow me in this wacky, confusing journey of my OC being stuck in My Hero Academia until she finds a way out! Ships: IzuOcha, TodoMomo, KiriBaku, KamiJirou, and more that you'll find out. Enjoy :]

Adventure / Humor
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1. Arriving Outta Nowhere

I’m literally FALLING. From the sky. I thought unicorns flying in the air and that type crap was magical, but not ME flying in the sky -- well, flailing my hands and trying to fly -- in the sky was magical. So now I am going to say my goodbyes. :( Bye dad, bye chocolate chip cookie I left in the fridge, bye mom, bye dog --

“Ah! Oh my gosh! Hello? Are you okay? DO YOU NEED CPR!?” A panicky voice screamed in my ear. Suddenly, I was being patted down. I think I really DO need CPR.

“They’re alive! We must get them to Recovery Girl! Or Aizawa Sensei.” I heard from behind me. I squinted my eyes open. And screamed. I screamed my ears out. Well...in my head, atleast. IS THAT IZUKU MIDORIYA? OH MY GOD! I NEED AN EYE CHECK! Then I closed my eyes and pretend I’m dead. I take a minute and felt around for my surroundings. I think I’m in someones ARMS. I swear to God, if MIDORIYA IS HOLDING ME IN HIS ARMS! I heard a sigh, and then I was moving. I slowly peeled my eyes open. I started to hyperventilate, then think: Okay, so I am LITERALLY in Izuku’s arms. This is a TERRIBLE dream. Wait. Is this a dream?! I think they’re--

"Oh my! Who is this young gal?” A soft and concerned voice said.

“They fell from the sky.” The other boy's voice explains. I recognize it: Tenya!

“Don’t play with me, young boy.” Recovery Girl sternly responded.

“Apologies! But as wacky as it sounds, she did; Midoriya caught her.” Iida quickly said. I opened my eyes and I’m suddenly STARING into Deku’s soul. He immediately screamed and accidentally dropped me. Well, OW. No need to drop me so CARELESSLY.

“I- Oh my gosh! I’m sorry!” He ranted, continuously apologizing.

“Izuku, it’s alright hun. Ma’am?” Recovery Girl said, slowing him down. Then she eyed me. “Why don’t we get you to Shota?” she asked, not expecting an answer.

My face is suddenly a tomato. Aizawa is actually REALLY attractive; in the weirdest ways. Anyways, I steadily sighed and nod.

“Anything hurt, dear?” she asked. I heaved myself up. My curly, coal-colored hair fell onto my shoulders.

“No, ma’am.” I reply quietly.

She limped over my way and took my hand in hers.

“You feel fine. This way to Aizawa--” Recovery Girl paused. “Oh, what’s your name, gal?” she raised her eyebrow slowly.

“I'm Rein.” I said, processing the situation I’m in. I’M IN.

“What? I heard my name.” A deep, lazy voice demanded. Oh God, help me! I prayed silently in my mind

“Don’t give me an attitude, young man.” Recovery Girl answered.

“Sorry, Chiyo. But what is it?” Shota asked in a low voice.

“This girl right here named Rein here happened to. . .what happened, again?” She turned to look at me. I was starin’ into space like any REASONABLE person would do in this situation. I quickly noticed Deku and Tenya were gone, but I sighed instead, trying to ignore it. I glanced at Aizawa, and he had his hands in his dark jeans. He’s frowning at me with a raised eyebrow, as always, and--

“Well?” he asked angrily.

“Sorry-!” I bowed down.

“No need to be formal, kid. Just hurry up.” he said, his eyebrows furrowing and then drooping.

“I might’ve fallen from the sky--? Heh, heh. . .” I stopped in between my words, causally embarrassed.

He stared at me. “I do not want games, missy. How did you get here?” Aizawa asked, now stern and angry (again).

“Uh- I really did, Aizawa Sensei! Midoriya caught me in his arms.” He paused. Recovery Girl looked at me, shocked.

“I called young Izuku by his first name, Izuku. I did not say Midoriya. How do you know his last name?” she inquired, cautious. I peeked at Aizawa. He looked cautious as well, fixing his posture.

“Well. . .I-” I started, scared.

"Not a word.” Aizawa interrupted. His eyes suddenly went bloodshed red and his hair flew up. Gosh, could you, I don't know, LET ME TALK? I thought with a low groan. I stepped back.

“Wait a minute. What the hell?” He muttered to himself, much more on edge. I raised an eyebrow. “Your quirk hasn't been erased,” he explained, stepping towards me, on alert. I glanced back. Recovery Girl is GONE. WHAT THE HECK! WHERE SHE GO?! WRONG TIME TO DISAPPEAR, LADY! I screamed in my head. I look back at him. He’s literally, like, FIVE CENTIMETERS AWAY FROM ME.

"U-Uh. . ." I whispered to myself.

"Do you work for the League Of Villains?" He demanded sternly.

"N-No! I don't!" I said quickly, waving my hands wildly in front of my chest.

"Fast answer. How suspicious, Rein." He looked down at me.

"Look! I don't have a quirk, okay?! Well..not to my knowledge. The point is, I don't know why I'm here! Don't hurt me, please!" I ranted, BEGGING for my life. Aizawa looks stunned.

"No quirk?" he mumbled, whizzed.

"No! Well, ya know, not that I know of." I repeated, fiddling with my thumbs.

"Not that you know of?" Shota echoed. "Nope. . ." I fiddled with my thumbs. He raised his hand cautiously and lifted up my chin. I let him, grim with fear.

His eyes dart side to side. I think he's, like, inspecting me-? I slowly parted my lips.

"I actually have a quirk." I gazed down and thought to myself: WHAT AM I DOING!? He yanked his hand off my chin and stood still, bewildered.

"What are you doing?" Aizawa growled. But he didn't seem to want to kill me, or use his quirk...improvement, I guess?

I stopped fiddling with my thumbs quickly and stared at him. The staring went on for, like, a minute and a half. Then I blinked and I felt dizzy. I blinked again and I looked down at my pants. I glanced back up at Shota. He looked tired, as always.

"Look, I have no time for this, kid." he stated drowsily. "Question: Can you behave?" he asked. I nodded softly.

"Can you keep a low profile in class 1-A?"

I paused. I nodded again, much slower.

"Then follow me. You're staying in Ochaco's dorm till I can figure this out. You don't seem like a villain, but you do seem suspicious." He facepalmed, whisking around on high alert still, and I silently nodded once again. He led me somewhere. Don't know where, but somewhere. (A reasonable guess is the dorms)

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