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Rein Enters the Story | MHA AU

2. Class 1-A Dorms

“And THAT concludes my dorm!” Ochaco finished proudly.

“Who shows a person every LITTLE detail and EVERY big detail of their dorm?” I asked, sarcasm labeled on my face.

“I-!” she started. Uraraka began to pout. She can sometimes be a bit of a baby, but I never thought I’d deal with it. I’d only watch the ANIME. But besides her pouting, she’s super nice and she’s quite powerful.

“Hey,” I started. “Did Aizawa Sensei say we have classes today?” I asked quietly, not really wanting to remember the...incident...with Mr. Aizawa.

“I don’t believe so,” she said. “All Aizawa Sensei told me was to keep you on low profile so he could nap and figure something out...?” she finished. Ochaco looked confused; I understood why.

“Oh, alright,” I mumbled.

“Heya girls! Waddup?” I heard. I turned my head, whisking around.

“Hi, Denki!” Ochaco called out to him.

“Hey,” I said, leaning side to side.

“How’re you doing, gal?” he inquired. I made eye contact with him carefully.

“Fine,” I shrugged.

“Now that I remember. . .you’re Rein, right?” he tapped his chin with his pointer finger, looking at the floor.

“Uh, yea. Something wrong?” I tilted my head slowly.

“Nah, I just had the thought that the name Rein would be the name of a cute, bubbly girl.” He stated, shrugging. “Not a tomboy-type girl. Not very fitting if you ask me, but it’s alright, I suppose.”

“I’m gonna go ahead and not ignore that, jerk! Go back to your weirdo guy friend!” I yelled, jokingly stomping up to him and shoving him away.

“Jeez, sorry!” he cried out, hands flailing aimlessly above his shoulders.

“No can do!” I shook my head and spotted Mineta.

“Take your stupid friend!” I shrieked out at him.

Mineta cocked his head to the side. I slammed Kaminari into his chest.

“Oof!” they both yelped, Kaminari toppling on top of him. Mineta’s muffled voice leaked out from below Denki.

I laughed and strolled back towards Ochaco. She looked stunned.

“Yeah! Go, girl!” Mina called out from behind her. I snickered and we all walked away from the boys fighting with each other.

“Hiya Uraraka! Hi Mina! Hey Rein!” Izuku said to all of us, walking past. He stopped in his tracks.

“What’re you all doing?” he asked, tipping his head to the side.

“I just conquered two perverts.” I declared happily.

“C..conquered? H..Ha?!” He looked bewildered. Mina giggled besides Ochaco.

“Basically Kami said something that Rein took offence to, so she shoved him into Mineta.” Mina explained, cheerfully shrugging.

“Ooh. . .was it weird?” he asked.

"Nope. But, it was basically a directed attack about her personality!” she frowned, rolling her eyes.

“Denki said he expected someone with the name Rein to be cute, sweet, and bubbly. And he didn’t expect our Rein to be similar to a stereotypical tomboy, I guess.” Uraraka added, clearly annoyed.

“I-I get it. . .but isn’t that a bit aggressive--?” Deku muttered quietly.

“Eh.” I rolled my eyes. I got up and stretched lazily.

“Hey, Rein?” Mina asked, turning towards me.

“Yea?” I twirled around to look at her.

“Do ya know where Aizaw-” She started.

“What, Ashido?” A stormy voice called out from behind me.

“Oh! Aizawa Sensei-?!” She stared at Aizawa, who seemed to be behind me. I did a 360°, and stared at Shota. He was, as usual, inside of his yellow, dusted, caterpillar nap cover-up thing-a-mag jig. I really don’t know what that thing is.

“I was clearly trying to nap, but you all are making such a ruckus I had to come over here.” he angrily responded, matter-of-factly.

“How did you even get here, Mr. Aizawa? Especially in that thing..” Ochaco cut in, stunned.

"I scooted all the way over here.” Aizawa frowned, clearly fatigued. “Now go to your dorms or something.” He very slowly rolled his eyes; it looked batshit insane.

“Me and Rein have a question!” Deku finally piped up. I thought angrily: I- huh?! I am NOT in the mood to talk to him. . .but whatever. Like, for one, when did I ever have a question?!

“Get on with it.” Aizawa mumbled. I looked besides me to the left; Midoriya’s fiddled with his thumbs, and Mina and Ochaco were walking away. I turned back around. Aizawa was sitting up. I don’t know how, in that ten-times-too big caterpillar nap pouch thing. I made eye contact with Shota. He looked grumpy, also frowning, of course.

“What is it?” he queried again, probably getting angrier.

“Oh!” Deku exclaimed. Aizawas’ frown got deeper.

“What’s Reins’ quirk?” Izuku asked happily. Shotas’ pupils dilated, getting bigger. I stood still. Perfectly still.

“I dunno.” he admitted quietly. “Ask her.” And then he was silent again.

Deku turned to me. “So. . .oo. . .o?” He looked cheerful. I went stiff. I didn’t plan on telling them yet once I found out.

“Later.” I waved my hand at them and walked away.

“W...Wait! Rein?!” He yelled after me. But he didn’t follow. He hung his head. I stood still, once again. Sighing, I turned back and looked at him.

“Possess.” I stared into his eyes.

"H...Huh?” Deku got a hold on his head and gazed at me.

“My quirk is Possess.” I repeated.

“Possess? Cannn I...know more?” He grinned. In a millisecond I was at his shoulder. Deku whipped his focus towards my face. I lean into his face and got ahold of his wrists. I dug my nails into his skin, dragging them along the edge of his palm.

“Ow-!” He reacted quickly, but then he suddenly let my hand go and his skin turned pale. Deku then drowsily fell to the ground. I looked at him and flicked my wrist. “My quirk grants me the ability to have traits of a typical vampire.” I told Deku's unconscious body (Which is quite odd).

“I can do everything a normal vampire can do. Inhuman speed, drink blood, can't see myself in a mirror...one of the best parts? I even have fangs!" I grinned devilishly, my two canines having a sharp point on both. "I have another benefit. I can turn into a ghost, and go transparent and go through walls. I can possess people. I could possess you right now if I felt like it. But I have to have either their blood or their DNA.” I continued.

"I dug my nails into your arm to get your blood. I have limits, of course. I can only turn ghost for a set amount of time. Worst part? Going ghost, using inhuman speed, and possessing people take a butt-ton of energy. If I overdo it, I can pass out for long amounts of time and have bad after effects like nausea, vomiting, and fatigue." I stared at my hands, a bloody color of red engraved in my nails.

“Hey!” A deep voice shrieked out.

“A-A. . .” Deku wheezed. I turned my head. Deku was trying to crawl onto something...yellow. I narrowed my eyes, trying to figure out what it was. Black, dusty hair leaks out of the yellow thing. I immediately figured out who it was: Mr. Aizawa. His pale face was revealed as soon as he grunted and shook his hair out the way of his face.

“Don’t tell me you heard all of that.” I quietly yet aggressively said.

“I did, kid.” Aizawa Sensei shrugged in his nap-thing. By the way Shota’s looking at Deku, I’m guessing he wanted me to reverse my quirks’ effect. I walked over to them. Aizawa raised an eyebrow. I bent down and touched Deku’s wrist wound, closing my eyes and focusing on him and my quirk. I opened my eyes after I was done, and Deku was sitting up. He lost his balance for a second. He blinked quickly and stares at me. He smiled.

“That's the coolest quirk ever!” Midoriya exclaimed excitedly. The holder of One For All told me I had the ‘best quirk ever.’

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