A Day In The Life of Mr. and Mrs. Zane Truesdale: Yu-Gi-Oh GX FanFiction


I don't own any of the names or the anime show, except for a few names, In this Fan Fiction Jaden's Twin Sister Tara and Syrus's Brother Zane is now married and living in a 4-bedroom penthouse condo in Brooklyn Heights in New York City.

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A New Beginning In New York City.

The Morning Sunlight was Shining Over New York City, at a penthouse condo in Brooklyn Heights, in the master bedroom, Tara Yuki was sleeping in her side of the master bed in the master bedroom, that had two nightstands on either side of the bed, a vanity mirror, a master bathroom that had a master bathroom sink with his and her faucets, a toilet, a whirlpool bathtub, a walk-in shower, a gentle breeze was blowing through the open half window of the master bedroom, Tara rolled over and placed her arm on the empty spot on the master bed, a peek of sunlight was shining from behind the master bedroom curtains, and it was shining on Tara's face.

Until she woke up, yawned, stretched her arms and legs, she sat up in bed, suddenly she was feeling a little dizzy, until she got her bearings together, she looked over and was surprised that her husband Zane wasn't sleeping in bed.

She was starting to get worried about him, until she heard footsteps approaching, she could smell something good, She was wearing a pink Satin Silk Long Nightgown, The master bedroom door opened, Her Husband Zane walked inside the master bedroom, he was wearing sleep pants and shirt, and was wearing a navy blue robe, He was carrying a tray that had breakfast on it, it was a western ham and cheese omelet, Toast with strawberry jam on it, a bowl of fruit, a glass of Orange Juice.

"Oh Zane, did you make me breakfast in bed?", Tara asked as she looked at him with love in her eyes.

"Yes I did, you were sleeping so soundly, I decided to surprise you", Zane answered as he placed it on her lap.

Tara started eating the breakfast, another hour later Zane took the empty ray away and walked out of the bedroom, while Tara got up out of bed, and was about to get dressed, when she started feeling sick, She rushed into the master bathroom and closed the master bathroom door behind her, She started gagging at the Toilet.

Another hour later Zane walked back inside the master bedroom after washing the empty tray and the plate that had the ham and Cheese Omelet on it, and the saucer plate that had the toast with strawberry jam on it, He heard his wife muffled gagging, He walked toward the master bathroom door, he knocked on the door.

"Tara, are you all right in there?", Zane asked.

"I'm All Right", Tara answered from inside the master bathroom.

"All Right, I'll just get dressed and go for my morning walk", Zane said.

"All Right", Tara replied.

Another hour later Zane got dressed, he walked out of the front door of the penthouse condo, and started going for his morning walk, While Tara was doing her household chores around the house, another hour later Zane returned from his morning walk, he had a Vegetable Pizza for dinner.

That Night they were sitting at the dining room table, and was having Vegetable Pizza for dinner, another hour later they got ready for bed, they were sitting on the couch and was watching TV, another hour later they went to bed.

Early the next morning, Tara woke up, she looked over at her husband, Zane was still sleeping, she decided not to wake him up, she sneaked out of bed, and took out a pregnancy test that she had bought while running errands, she walked into the master bathroom, closed the bathroom door halfway, she walked toward the toilet, and started taking the pregnancy test.

She waited for a couple of hours, until she decided to check on it, and it was Negative, she wasn't pregnant, She and Zane had been talking about having children, and they've been trying, she decided to keep on trying, she started doing her morning routines.

About an hour later Zane was also doing his morning routine too, another hour later they were having dinner, they sat down on the couch and was watching TV, another hour later they went to bed, another early in the morning Tara got up and got another pregnancy test, walked in the master bathroom and took it, another hour later she checked on it, and it was another negative, Until Tara heard someone talking to her.

"So, this is why you've been sneaking into the bathroom every morning", Zane said as he looked at her.

"Oh You've noticed it, haven't you?", Tara asked as she looked at him.

"Yes I have, and do you mind telling me why", Zane answered as he looked at her.

Tara sighed to herself, and started explaining to Zane why she was taken pregnancy tests, and how they were negative, while Zane was listening to her and didn't interrupt her, after she was done telling him, Zane looked at her with love in his eyes.

"Don't worry, I'm sure you'll get pregnant soon, but I think that we should go to the doctor and maybe the doctor will help us have a family", Zane said.

"Oh Good", Tara replied.

Another hour later they went to the local clinic to see the doctor, they were sitting in the doctor's office, until a female in her late 30's, she was 5'8', shoulder length long brunette hair, hazel eyes, doctor named Doctor Kiplinger walked into the office, she had Tara's Medical chart in her arm.

"Well, looks like you've been doing all right, but it'll take sometime to get pregnant", Doctor Kiplinger said.

"Oh Good", Tara replied.

"That's wonderful", Zane replied.

Tara and Zane started walking out of the doctor's clinic, they started walking away from it, and went back to their penthouse condo, they were happy, they had dinner, another hour later they sat down on the couch and was watching TV, another hour later they went to bed, another hour later Tara took a third pregnancy test out, she walked into the master bathroom, and was taking the pregnancy test, another hour later she was checking on it, and It was negative, Tara was disappointed about it, until she noticed that the master bathroom sink drawer was opened, She walked over and saw another pregnancy test that was laying in it, she picked it up and was surprised that it was positive, She was thrilled about it, She remembered that she had put it in the drawer, because the telephone was ringing, She decided to keep it a secret to Zane.

Another hour later Zane went out for his walk, While Tara went to the local clinic and it was confirmed, She really was pregnant, She returned to the penthouse condo and couldn't wait to tell Zane that he was going to be a father, she decided to have a little snack, she was snacking on a piece of chopped ham that was in the fridge, She started practicing what she was going to say to her wonderful husband.

"Zane, I have some good news to tell you, Looks-like there's going to be three of us living in this penthouse condo, I'm Pregnant, I'm going to have a Baby", Tara said with a big smile on her face.

She continued waiting for her husband to return home, she started getting hungry, She started getting something to eat, She was eating leftover chicken wings, and was dipping them in Onion Dip.

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