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Sky High


Cat Stronghold is Will's younger twin, what happens when they attend Sky High School? Being the kids of famous superheroes can have its downfalls especially when it comes to your parents' enemies. But what happens when Cat takes the school by storm and meets a certain hothead along the way? I don't own the original characters or plot I do however own my oc and a few changes I made. This is a Fanfiction.

Adventure / Other
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Chapter 1: Morning

"Cat wake up!" My brother yells awakening me from my dream, it had something to do with a boy and fire surrounding him.

"Getting ready," I call back. "ten minutes tops!"


Sighing I go to my bathroom, do my biz and get ready for the day. I wash my face, put on eyeliner and chapstick and do my hair curling only the tips and putting it up in a high ponytail. I trade my PJs for a white dress and a red corset belt that matches my heel boots and toss my leather jacket over my arm.

Skipping my way downstairs I see Layla healing the plants and will watching the supe news from the kitchen counter.

"Morning." I say, hearing murmured greetings in return. I look to the kitchen tv in time to see mom and dad take doin the robot from it's eye. Dad's gonna keep that as a souveniro mostlikely. Yep a regular Monday. I see a plate of eggs, bacon and toast withy name on it. When I'm done I take my dishes to the sink and finish my on before grabbing my jacket and bookbag.

I lock up and sprint to my bff and bdb. Best friend and big dummy brother. We walk to the bus stop and wait, they start a conversation but don't pay attention. I feel overly excited and anxious today and I look around our surroundings. I'm confused as to why I'm acting like this when I never have before.

Luckly the bus turns around the corner interrupting my mental ramble. I gripped my bag tighter becoming shy of the thought of having to socialize with my peers. I walk on the bus and head for the back, I'm halfway there when my dummy of a brother decides to ask something truly idiotic.

"Is this the bus to Sky High?" I put my hand to my head in the universal sign for idiot. I finally get to the back and see an empty seat next to a guy reading a book. Looks like I found the bad boy of the school, yay. I decide to step out of my comfort zone and sit next to this guy.

"So, I can't keep calling you 'guy nor mister bad boy' in my head, what's your name?" He raises an eyebrow but otherwise ignores my presence. Needless to say, I snort rather undelicately at his behavior, and try to see the book title. I noticed that I start to feel calm for the first time today sitting next to this boy.

"I never knew that bad boys like romantic tragedies." He looks up at that.

"Who said I liked them?" He said sarcastically in a deep voice. I quirk an eyebrow at that.

"So what's your name?" I asked seriously. He looks at me with confusion and then apprehension.

"Warren Peace"

I nod not recognizing the name but being polite nonetheless. "Okay, enjoy your book." I say realizing I may have been a bit rude in my pursuit for his name, but he just puts his book away and stares at me. His staring causes little butterflies to find my stomach.

"See something you like?" I ask raisiny eyebrows.

"N-no I just... It's just... Your different." He says blushingly.

"Nice pick-up line." I tease wanting to see him blush. And I am rewarded.

"N-no it's that most people avoid me because of my dad and you act as if you don't care about that fact, and that I could be just like him. Dangerous." He struggles to explain himself. "I don't really like pick-up lines."

"I figured but you're cute when you're flustered." I say cheekily, noticing we're at the the school. Well that was fast.

"I have to meet up with my brother, it was nice to meet you, I'm Cat." I say waving goodbye and join my brother who was shaking the bus driver's hand.

Out of nowhere someone zooms around herding us all to the steps as another boy comes stretchimg out of the school and stands next to mister runner. Obviously they're bullies. Out of the corner of my eye I see Warren walk into the building. I refocus my attention to the bullies and see them be told to stop their behavior by a brown haired barbie. To my utter surprise, they listen to her. I see Layla sad and look to my brother knowing he is the cause. He is staring at barbie, I mean Gwen, like she's a new xbox. I feel sad for Layla and shoot her my wicked smirk and a wink. She giggles knowing what I'm about to do. So as a mature younger sister and best friend I do the best thing I can in this situation.

I slap my brother in the back of his head and glare at him. "Omph, ow. HEY, WHAT WAS THAT FOR?" He yells at me. I barely notice Layla's shoot him a look at him and wince before I give him my most treatening death glare making him back up hands raised in fear, face showing terror. I take pride in the fact I'm scarier than grandma and that lady literally has a heart made of ice. I see Gwen leading us to the gym.

Time to get sorted into our houses. I wish but this ain't Harry Potter. Que the sad sigh. Coach Boomer introduces himself and explains the difference between hero and sidekick placement when the principal flies in and gives her announcement. Zack decided to clap and whistle in excitement earning a raised eyebrow. She continues and leaves.

There's a girl who turns into a ball. "Side-kick"

Acid spit. "Hero."

Magenta, guinea pig. "Sidekick."

Zack, sidekick.

Ethan, sidekick.

Layla, sidekick. Because she refused to show her powers. And so on, until it's just me and my brother left.

The bell rings and Coach Boomer anounces that my brother will go first. Uh oh, he is a late bloomer and this won't end well. Eh, well time for lunch. FOOD!

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