Class 1-X (Bakugou x Non-binary reader)


There's a class no one has heard about at UA high. It's the class for certain types of kids; Class 1-X. Katsuki Bakugou finds a letter addressed to him, saying he's invited to this 'special' class. And when he meets another particularly hot-headed person, they fight the minute they meet. But when he finds out about a secret of theirs, he soon realizes there's a lot more mystery behind this person than he originally thought. The quote is "If everyone fought fire with fire the whole world would go up in smoke." Will these two competitive, firey spirits ever be able to set aside their bitterness and find something more, or will the world go up in smoke?

Fantasy / Romance
Boba Milk Tea Boy
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A/n = Author's note

Y/n = Your name

L/n = Last name

D/n = Dead name (Birth name)

There's a class no one has heard about. It's the class for certain types of kids; Class 1-X.

Class 1-X kids get pulled out of their hero classes twice a week and come in the mornings. This class is for people who have great potential, kids who just don't care enough to work hard but if they did actually try, could get really far. This class is for kids with behavior issues or damaging quirks. If you have an emotionally controlled quirk or you have a quirk that can be very dangerous, you go here to learn to control it outside of class time.

No one in UA aside from teachers and pro heroes knows about this class.

A/n: I hope you like this story but I'm sorry if it's not very good, it's one of my first fanfictions. Aqualec and some other characters I'll make in later chapters are mine but I might have without knowing made one similar to other OC's and if I did then I did not mean to plagiarize your character. All mha characters I do not take credit for though.

I hope you enjoy the story! :)

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