Class 1-X (Bakugou x Non-binary reader)



Dear Katsuki Bakugou,

You have been invited to join Class 1-X.

Come every morning at 4 a.m. Class location

is shown in the map stapled to this letter.

You will also be pulled out from Class 1-A every

Tuesday and Thursday.



Pro Hero: Aqualec


“The hell?” Bakugou muttered under his breath as he slipped the paper back into the envelope and dropped it into the trash. He made his way to his desk and propped his feet up on the desk leaning his chair back and drowned out the sound of Iida scolding him and waving his arm.

The next day he woke up at 3:30 a.m to start his early morning training when he remembered the letter. “Mandatory. Tch.” He got dressed in his uniform and got his things together and made his way out.

“I go by Y/n.” Someone said to an older boy with jet black messy hair. “I don’t call people by their hero names, your name is D/n.” Y/n’s expression turned dark and their voice lowered and turned colder. “I said my name is Y/n. My hero name is Chameleon.” The boy rolled his eyes and walked away.


Bakugou walked into the class and looked around for the teacher. When he didn’t see one he rolled his eyes and went to take a seat. Y/n was walking back to their desk and found themselves face to face with the slightly taller crimson-eyed boy.

“Move out of the way, Extra.” Y/n locked eyes with him giving him a cold stare. Tiny explosions came from Bakugou’s tight fist. Y/n put a hand on their hip. “Ha, says the extra.” Bakugou’s teeth clenched but before he could say anything, the pro hero Aqualec, the teacher, walked in. Well, more like ran in. “I’m sorry I’m late class! The seating chart is up on the board, please take your seats.” After a minute, Y/n finally broke eye contact and turned on their heel, heading for their seat.

Bakugou sat down and drowned out everything the teacher was saying, all he could think was What is up with that girl!? She’s almost as bad as that nerd, Deku, but she actually challenged me!

Y/n crossed their arms on their desk and silently wished for this stupid class to end. Ugh, I have this class with that annoying guy tonight too.

After the class was over, Y/n pushed their way through the crowd of people to get to the other side of the building for their first class of the day. “Hey, where were you?” A boy asked. Y/n turned around to see their best friend, Shinsou.

“Oh hey. I have some stupid thing to do in the mornings and Tuesdays and Thursdays now, ugh.” Shinsou nodded as they both walked to class together, talking.

Five petals left on the Rose.

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