Class 1-X (Bakugou x Non-binary reader)


A/n: Hey guys! This chapter is just a description of what Y/n looks like and their description and everything.

Biological Name: D/n L/n

Name: Y/n L/n

Biological Gender: Girl

Gender: Non-binary

Preferred pronouns: They/them

Quirk: Chameleon

Can do anything a chameleon can do. (Like Tsu's quirk but with a chameleon instead of a frog).

Drawbacks: Dizziness, nausea

Class: 1-C

Best friend: Hitoshi Shinsou

Wears the boy uniform because they hate skirts.

Likes: Clouds, Spiky things, Stargazing

Dislikes: Secretly is terrified of heights

Eyes: Bright sea blue

Hair: Short, messy black hair

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