Class 1-X (Bakugou x Non-binary reader)

The Man

"I know, I know. I won't!" Someone said, talking on the phone. "Yeah, I know. Okay. Mhm. Love you too mum, bye." Y/n hung up the phone and sighed.

"Today we'll be going over behavior and manners. If you look up on the board..." Ugh, this is so boring. Y/n thought to themselves. Why is it so early too!? Y/n heard a noise behind them and turned to see an annoyed look plastered on Bakugou's face. "What are you looking at? You want to fight me?!!" Y/n rolled their eyes and stood up. "I would, but I don't want anyone to get hurt." Bakugou laughed, but not in humor.

"Don't worry, Lizard Girl. I'll kill you quickly." Rage flashed on their face. "Lizard Girl!? I was talking about you, idiot." The tiny explosions fired through Bakugou's fist. The whole class gathered in a semi-circle around the two while Aqualec was in the background trying to calm everyone down.

"Guys, please stop this! We just went over good behavior. Guys-" Her voice was too sweet and cheerful and her voice wouldn't come out as loud and forceful as she hoped. Just then, Shinsou walked by the front door, stopping when he saw Y/n.

"D/n? What are you doing?" Bakugou noticed Y/n flinch at the name. It was a small movement, barely noticeable to anyone else. They turned to see him and lowered their fists they had up in fighting stance, but quickly brought them back up.

"Apparently fighting a dumbass." Shinsou stepped into the room and made eye contact with them.

"So this was the class you were talking about?" Shinsou moved his head slightly to face Bakugou. "Hey, you're that angry kid, Bakugou, right?" Bakugou growled. "Y/n, why are you fighting him? Could you at least wait until after class and outside?" Y/n shifted their gaze. "No."

Y/n hands dropped, their eyes going blank, their body straightening up. All the emotion left Y/n's face as they turned and walked to their seat. "I'm sorry I had to use my quirk on you, D/n. But I don't want you to get in trouble for no reason," he said, sighing.

Turning a corner, Bakugou started to head towards the front doors of U.A. but stopped when he heard footsteps from inside a different room. He stood outside the doorway and listened, shoving his hands in his pockets.

"-runnig out of time, D/n."

"I know. I'll try and find a way okay, just give me some time."

A man sighed and a zap of blue light flashed before going silent. Bakugou saw Y/n standing in the room and a faint blue smoke where he assumed the man must have been standing. Y/n then suddenly fell to their knees, gripping their chest and gasping. Dark blue and purple veins wrapped around their skin like vines. "No.." They muttered before collapsing.

Bakugou sprinted from where he was standing and caught their head before they hit the ground. "The fuck... is this their quirk?" He leaned Y/n down into his lap, examining the lines of purple and blue across their skin. It reminded him some of Deku when he used his quirk. But this was different- and it seemed to be hurting them. It was almost like... poison.

Bakugou repositioned himself and scooped them up in his arms, her head unconsciously leaning into his chest. He stood up, running out the door to try and find Recovery Girl. He raced down the halls, gripping Y/n tighter in his arms until he found the door.

"Bakugou- oh dear, what happened?" Recovery Girl said, ushering him inside.

"I don't know, I just came in and she passed out like this." He paused. "Was this someone's quirk?" He asked, looking down at them as he leaned forward and gently set them down on a nearby bed.

"I'm not allowed to tell anyone but I do know what happened. They should be fine in a couple of hours. Thank you for bringing them to me, Bakugou." She sighed and muttered, "They better hurry up, they're running out of time." She said it so quiet, Bakugou almost didn't hear what she had said.

Time for what? What's going on?

Five petals left on the Rose.

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