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You were defined as a cold, bitchy person but that was far from the truth. Loving someone got you dumped through text making you feel pathetic. Your family had already disowned you since you were little...Just rarely anything good came your way and the idea of loving someone was near impossible.

Romance / Fantasy
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 ~

If I said I love you, would you believe it? Would you come back to me like I wish you would?

Thoughts filled my head until I saw blurriness in my vision. A warm tear fell and I felt myself crumble. The guy I had given all of me, simply left. No warning, just a simple text.

The worst part is that I’m drunk and I’m somehow in front of his house. It took all of me to not rush in there and beat the actual crap out of him, but that’d make me look like I miss him and there was absolutely no way that I was going to let my pride down. After all, I did nothing wrong. All I ever did was love him unconditionally and what I got was him cheating on me with a girl he met online.

“Hey, excuse me. I know I shouldn’t be getting myself in someone’s business but I couldn’t just walk past you.”

I turned around cautiously while holding my key in between my pointer and middle finger just in case if it was a weirdo but to my surprise, it was a guy who looked around 24 years old with blond hair and did I mention that he was very attractive.

“No no it’s fine ...I’m fine too, thank you for asking,” I said trying to clean up the stains of mascara I had all over my cheeks and under my eyes.

“Oh, I was just asking because you seemed troubled and at a loss for words for a while now. I mean you’ve been standing in front of that door for a while and I wanted to make sure you were safe”

“You’ve been watching me for an hour now ?”

“What- I-I- I didn’t mean it that way.”

“It’s fine I’m just playing around with you, but yes I’m fine. I’ve been standing here because I wanted to fight with my ex. He broke up with me when he was the one who cheated on me. It didn’t sit right with me especially the fact that he broke up with me through text.”

As soon as I let the words come out of my mouth he immediately had a devilish glow on his face. It looked like it was a Disney movie scene where the evil witch has just finished making her evil plan and is ready to execute it.

“GIRL SAY LESS !! Do you have the keys ??? What should we do? I have paint in my apartment. It’s only five minutes away it wouldn’t take that long to grab and take.”

I laughed trying to hide my smile. It was one of the things I was very insecure about but nonetheless, here I was laughing my ass off with a stranger I just met.

”whats Your name by the way ?”

”Minhyuk, Lee Minhyuk but you can call me min min or sunshine,” he said while giving a semi bow and smiling.

”well okay min min, my name is Areum. I don't really have a nickname but I grant you a ticket to make one up for me”

”how about beaut? Areum sounds like a shorter word for beautiful so beaut. ”

”Sure why not”

By this point, I was smiling from ear to ear. I had completely forgotten about my dickhead of an ex and I felt like I had known minkyuk for so long. I felt so comfortable with him which was something I rarely felt.

The night flew by and we had said our goodbyes while exchanging numbers. It felt great to have a guy friend again but I was also afraid of being betrayed. It sucked how bad my trust issues became. It had all started when my old girl best friend decided to tell all my secrets to a girl I didn't like. They then ended up bullying me but I still cared for her so I endured it. She still ended up getting expelled but on her last day, she said. ’I've always hated you and so will everyone else. You're not pretty, you don't have an ideal body, you're better off as a boy.’ Words hit different when they come from someone you truly care about and yet I still remember those exact words even though they were said so long ago.

I then became friends with guys who were in my class but a rumor quickly spread that I was having sex with the whole group. Yet again I found myself alone and lonely. My family had practically disowned me after they heard the rumors. They chose to believe a random girl rather than their own daughter. I was never close to them but I never thought they trusted me that little.

I soon ended up switching schools and moved to Busan alone. It was weird being in a new city but I decided to be someone new. I started to wear makeup and dress stylish and I dreaded it. I just wanted to wear my hair up in a bun with a tank top and joggers but I was so afraid that my life was going to go back to what it used to be.

It sucked but I've made it out this far and I was not going to let anyone knock me down. Not now, not never.

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