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Evil Angel

By Aleahskye24

Adventure / Drama

The Grey Trailer

A girl walk into “ From Dust Till Dawn” delivering a package to the owner of the shop.  An nice, old man was working the shop like always.  The girl see him all the time working different jobs around Vale.  Dropping the last package of Dust in the back, the girl left her cap a little bit to wipe the sweat from her forehead.

On her way out the old man pay the girl for all her hard work.  The girl gave the old man a grin as a thank you.  Leaving the shop, and  taking a big sip of her flask before heading to her trash apartment.  

The girl step into the apartment, closing the door behind her. Taking a deep breath, and leaning against her front door.

“ It’s going to get better Jordan”, whisper Jordan to herself.  

Jordan step further into her one room apartment that was completely trash.  Clothes and trash from take out was thrown everywhere.  The cardboard box she use as a bed side table was full of alcohol bottles,and an ashtray full of cigrette buds.

Jordan sat on her mattress that lay on the floor.  She lean over to grab something under her pillow.  It was a black and white picture of Jordan as a little girl with her parents at a camp they use to live at.  Jordan look at the picture was a couple of moments.

“ I will find the bastard that took you away from me, and make them pay.”, said Jordan remembering the mission she gave herself years ago.  

Jordan got up to change from her work clothes, and changing into her regular attire.  Walking up to a crack mirror to check herself.  

Jordan stood tall, and strong on the outside, but in the inside she was moments away from having a mental breakdown.  Bags were slowly starting to form underneath her yellow eyes.  A sign that she hasn't been getting good sleep lately, but she was glad that was the only thing that show people see hasn't slept in ages.  Her body still look like the picture of health.  She kept it shape from all the fighting she does on a regular basis. Jordan’s black hair that was buzz on the sides, and back, and a tiny bit long in the front, and top of her head was hidden with a beanie.  Jordan pulled her short bangs down to show some of her black hair.

Jordan walk away from the mirror to grab the last of her things.  She grab her chain wallet, attaching it to her blue jeans, and slipping her wallet in back pocket.  She put on her watch on her right arm, and a black, metal bracelet on her left.  lastly she grab her leather jacket pulling it over dark gray t-shirt.  Grabbing her keys she was out the door to meet up with a possible lead on her mission.  Walking down the streets of the bad part of Vale.  She pass Junior club on her way to the meetup spot.  It took a lot of willpower to not go in there and grab a few drinks.  

Jordan arrive at her destination at an old abandoned building.  Jordan pull out her scroll, she a bit early.  Putting her scroll away she leaned against one of the pillars that held up the building.  She close her eyes to get a tiny bit of rest.  

Hearing footsteps coming from the distance, opening her eyes to see the person who was coming.  A guy wearing a white grim mask was walking in the distance.  He was heading towards her, but looking closer into the darkness her was coming from more guys appear.  Jordan count 5 guys.  

“ Well this just became interesting”, said Jordan.

Pushing herself off of the pillar and walking straight for group.

“ Well hey guys!, where your boss at? Did he run off with his tail between his legs”, said Jordan with a grin on her face.

This earn a snir from the group of guys.  Each of them pull out their swords.  

“ I see you guys came to dance”, said Jordan pulling of her leather jacket, and throwing it off to the side.

Clenching her fist together activating her weapons.  Gray armour plates wrap around her forearms with a long, sharp metal blade coming off of them.  Opening her hands so the armour could wrap around her hands, soon clenching them back into fist so 4 long blades came out of her knuckle.  

Jordan put her left foot back, and then using to push herself forward.  Coming at the them at super speed cause Jordan to knock one of them back through multiply pillars.  Jordan turn to the attack the next guy using the blade on her forearm to cut him, but he dodge the move, and use his foot to kick Jordan in the side.  Jordan the kick didn’t phase her, it just made it more piss off.  Jordan use the blades on right fist to punch the get in the leg, piercing through his leg.  Retracting her knives from her left, so punch him with much force sending him with the other guy she knock out in the beginning.  Jordan retracting her other fist blade.  Once both her blades were put away, she two semi-automatic pistols come out from the palm of her hand.  She took out two guys with a many bullets.

Now only stood Jordan, and the remaining guy from the group.  Putting her guns away, and retaking out fist blades for this final fight.  Both fighters got into their battle stance.  After a couple of moments of staring each down, they starting to fight.  Kicks, and Punches were connected, but each hit the fighters were losing their strengths to battle, but Jordan use her Semblance to bring her back into the fight.  Jordan kneel down, then soon she gave a huge ear piercing howl.  The howl sent him back to the pile of guys she has knock out.  Jordan got up, but felt all of energy gone.  

Jordan sat on the dirt floor until she had enough was strong enough to stand and walk home.  Went to scratch her head, and notice her beanie was gone.  Jordan freak out and started looking for it.  Jordan finally found it taking a deep breath to calm herself down.  Placing her beanie on her head.  

No one can know…. They can’t not after what happen…

Jordan walk to the leader of this group. She pick him up by his collar, and slamming him hard in the concrete pillar causing the pillar to crack, and fall apart. The guy look deep in Jordans now blood red eyes.

“ Tell your boss, that the White Fang needs to stay the fuck out of my Life”, growl Jordan.

She drop the White Fang member on the ground, and taking a couple of steps away.  She pulled out her flask,and took a swing of alcohol.  Jordan close her eyes as felt the warmth of the alcohol run through her body.  When she open her eyes back up they were back to their normal yellow.  

Jordan start her long walk back home.  When Jordan finally arrive home there was a note in her door.  

“ I already paid my overdue rent asshole”, said Jordan angrily when grabbing it.  

She unlock her front door, throwing her jacket onto the floor.  She sat on her bed, turning the letter over to see it was actually from beacon, not an overdue rent. She open the letter and begin to red.

Dear Jordan,

I know you first year didn’t go too well, with getting expelled your first week, but I have a feeling you had a year to think about things, and I think your best option is to come back here and finish what you began here. I remember your first day talking to me, explaining all the things you were going to do when you became a huntress.  I hope you still have those dreams.  Please come down to my office tomorrow to give me your answer, and remember to do what best for you.



Jordan put the letter down, and thought about, pulling at the picture again the answer became crystal clear.  With a grin on her face she was ready to tell Ozpin her answer.

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