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Deku villain


so he lost two things he's ever lost his close and best friend and his mother so he runs what happens when he bumps into two strangers and they take him in.

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:Izuku Midoriya

Hello my name is Izuku Midoriya and this is where everything goes wrong... i have a best friend. He has a nickname that i gave him and his is Kacchan but his full name is Katsuki bakugou he made a promise to me back when we were kids... but he broke it and I forgave him. I always will no matter what he did to me. But one day it got really bad and he became my bully. He wouldn’t stop... he hurts me too much and I’d keep it all to myself no matter what had happened but he made me get into a hospital bed. I never remembered anything after that or who even took me to the hospital ... not him just one thing but before that i lost that too. My mom was all i thought about when i got up from the hospital so i talk to the doctor and told him i had no clue about anything so he called my emergency contact turns out it was my moms best friend though i didn’t know that but she knew where i lived so she took me to my house i went in and i couldn’t believe my eyes... It broke me of what I saw and I went back to let her know everything was okay and that she could leave so she did just that but before that her son said one thing that scared me,.. “I’ll see you later, Deku and then they left.” so then i went back in and i just stood at the dead body crying. I felt like I was going crazy just thinking who would’ve done this... i promised myself that night whomever did this was gonna regret it. So I went straight to my room, packed my things, said goodbye to mom and left out the front door and then I ran... and ran until my legs couldn’t handle it anymore but i ended up bumping into someone which led me to fall. I ended up meeting... A/N heyo guys dis is mah first book i have done a couple more this is also an bnha fanfic so all credits goes to them and yeah

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