Tea Leaves and Red Silk

Exes, Shouting, and Trust Issues

Match Two: Exes, Shouting, and Trust Issues:


Yao's face turned bright red.

"Your ex?!" he shouted. "Your ex?!"

"We didn't do anything!" I yelled.

"That doesn't matter!"

"What?!" I felt like screaming. Why did this matter? I wasn't like I was cheating on Yao or anything. What was I even getting upset for? I closed my mouth and took a deep breath.

"Look," I said. "He just wanted to talk." Yao glared at me.

"About what?" he asked. I put up my hands, shrugging with a cheesy grin on my face. He walked into my kitchen.

"Yao?" I asked, following behind.

"You didn't even know what he wanted to talk about?"

"Well, you had just walked in when we had just started." His next question knocked me right out of balance. "Do you still have feelings for him?" I froze with big eyes. Why would you ask me should a thing?

"Do you?" he asked. How would I even begin to answer that? I wrinkled my nose.

"What would you possess you to ask me that?" I asked.

"Do you?"

"I don't know!" I clenched my fists at my slides. "I haven't seen or heard from him in years."

"So, he just decided to come out from wherever he came from on whimp just to see you?"

"Yes!" I shouted. "Are we done with this crap?!" Yao snorted as he pulled out a bag of tea leaves from the cabinet.

"I don't know," he said. "That will depend on you." I frowned. What is with the passive-aggressive attitude? I felt that was making drama out of nothing. Yao wouldn't let it go for a month.

-Present Day-

I rolled over on my side of the bed. We are in a much better place now that we have worked things through. Still, I couldn't erase this foreboding feeling in my gut. Am I making the right step with this proposal? I stared at the oddly shaped stain on my bedroom wall. What is that? I didn't remember making that or it even being there. Had that stain always been on my wall? Strangely, the more I stared at that weird stain, the more I unconsciously sealed our fates. Too bad, I didn't turn around and see myself falling deeper into the trap in time.

Right now, we had work to do before we reached that point.

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