Tea Leaves and Red Silk

Family Crisis (2/2)

Match Twenty-Three: Family Crisis (2/2):

"It's done." Qian sneered at the text message. Sure, he got his revenge, but this wasn't over yet. The Zhong family would do everything in their power to ruin anyone that hurt their precious prince. That was why many of his victims didn't go to the police. Qian knew the risks going into this plan. He held the phone to his chest.

I am so sorry. He still had to do it. Maybe this will be one less thing for Ju and Yao to think about. Qian still back on his bed. Still, he waited for the fallout to hit.

2:00 a.m.

Gang walked into the bathroom of an underground club. He paced around as the other line rang.

"Hello?" a raspy voice asked.

"Hey, Snake," Gang said.

"What's up?"

"Listen, you remember that job I had you do a couple nights ago?"


"Well, one of my friends said that the police have started asking questions."

"Okay, so?"

"This is just my opinion, but I think you should make yourself scarce for a while."

"Yeah, yeah. The crew are already back in Taiwan by now."

"And what about you?"

"Don't worry about it." Snake hung up the phone. Gang looked his burner. That takes care of that. He smashed up the phone and took the chip with him.

"It was a shitty phone anyway," he muttered before walking away.

One of Junjie's former girlfriends could take it anymore. For too long, she had turned a blind eye.

For many years, she had been tormented with the crimes her ex committed against her. The cheating and the rape pushed her over the edge. Every time there was another girl edged up being another victim of his, her stomach turned. Junjie was persistent with the ladies. That was how he won her over in the first place.

Initially, she found it oddly charming. She was tired of men being indecisive and weak. She hoped that to find a real man. Unbeknownst to her, she would find it in the spoiled mob prince. At first, she wasn't interested. The ex-girlfriend thought that he was too pretentious and conceited. He bragged that he could have any girl that he wanted. She brushed him off, thinking that that was the end of that.

For five months, Junjie pursued this woman. He showed up at her private school, house, and even her job. The spoiled prince tried to shower her with gifts and flowers. At one point, she found it quite uncomfortable. Her friends suggested that she file a harassment suit. Against her better judgment, she refused. One day, she confronted him with tone of a raging dragon. Impressed, he asked her out on the spot. She couldn't describe exactly what happened, but the next thing she knew, they had started dating. By the end of the year, they became a couple.

That wasn't enough for him. Despite having a cute girlfriend, Junjie continued his skirt-chasing. He even used force to have the girls that he wanted. Due to the power of his family, nobody dared to press charges. His parents sometimes bribed the girls' families to not go to the police. Junjie's girlfriend did her best to turn a blind. However, for the past three years, it began to eat away at her. The case with Szu was the final straw.

"You are the worst person in the world!" she screamed after she heard him bragging about his night with Szu to his buddies. Naturally, her then-boyfriend saw nothing wrong with it.

"What?" he asked, shrugging in her apartment. "She was asking for it."

"She was only fifteen years old!"


That attitude sent her over the edge. "Get out! We are over!"

Junjie shook his head. "No we're not."

"Yes, we are! Now get out or I'll call the police to have you thrown out!"

Junjie put up his hands as he stood up. "Okay, okay. I'm leaving." He backed up to the door. His now-ex girlfriend glared at him as he left her apartment.

When news got out about Junjie being beaten up two days before Christmas, the ex-girlfriend knew this was the time to take revenge. She made an anonymous call to the cops.

The police gathered more evidence. That tip was the push that they needed to get the party animals in a buzz. They wondered if it was true that Junjie had raped a girl from the Liao clan. Meanwhile, Gang for the cops to circle towards him. He already had his answers ready to go. Snake and his men were long gone before New Year's Eve. The question remained, who would point the cops in his direction.

Tonight, he got his answer.

After his gag, Gang stepped outside to make a call on his new cell phone. He had just hung up when the police approached him. He broke into a polite smile.

"Officers," he said. "Nice evening we're having."

"Are you Yin Gang?" one of the cops asked.

"Yes," the young DJ said in a calm voice. "Is there a problem? Have I done anything wrong?"

"You tell us," the cop said.

"We would just like to ask you a couple about the assault of Zhong Junjie," his partner said.

"Yes sir," Gang said like a proper gentleman.

-New Year's Eve-

The police arrived at the Sun house. Man answered the door with her apron on.

"Yes?" she asked.

"We are the police and we are investigating the attack on Zhong Junjie," the officer said. "Is your son in?"

"Why? What does this have to do with him?" Man asked. At that time, Qian picked the worst time to come down stairs. He froze when he saw the police at his door talking to his mom. Oh shit!

The atomic crashed down at ground zero.

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