Tea Leaves and Red Silk

Police and Uncle

Match Twenty-Five: Police and Uncle:

-New Year's Day-

Qian awoke to someone knocking on his bedroom door. The boy lifted his head, still half-asleep.

"Yes?" he mumbled.

"Beijing, police!" a deep male's voice shouted. "Open up! We have a few questions to ask." The boy lifted his head, still half-daze.

"Wha?" he asked. The boy climbed out of bed and wandered over to his door. "What did you say?" The badge alone was enough to wake him up. Two police officers stared him down. Qian blinked.

"Oh," he said. Even as he was just waking up, Qian didn't panic. Gang talked to him about this moment on Christmas Eve.

"Do not act guilty," he said. "You'll give yourself away."

Today, Qian rubbed the back of his head. "Can I get dressed first?"

"Sure, but it quick," the cop said. The boy drew his door closed and threw on some clothes. Seconds later, he joined the police in the hall.

Qian and the police walked into the living room and found the rest of the clan sitting around. Their judgmental eyes made his stomach drop. Still, he had to keep up his brave front.

"Please take a seat," Ju said. Qian kept his stoic face as he sat down to his mother and step-father.

"We just want to ask you a couple questions about the assault of Zhong Junjie," the police said. "This won't take long, depending on you." Szu flinched at the sound that name.

"What about him?" Qian asked.

"He was violently assaulted two nights before Christmas," the officer explained. "We believe that he might have attacked because he raped the wrong girl." Szu felt herself break down into trembling. Her father rubbed her on the shoulder, whispering in her ear.

"Is something wrong?" the officer's partner asked. Hark lifted his head.

"She's just upset," he said in a low voice. The police already knew the reason why. The main cop cleared his throat. Ju raised an eyebrow.

"And you believe this rape and revenge beating is tied to us?" she asked.

"That is correct," the main cop said. "The question is, which one of you girls was the victim?" Szu pressed her lips together before she mumbled something under her breath. Unfortunately, the partner caught it.

"Excuse me?" he asked. Szu lifted her head with tears in her eyes.

"Me," she said. Qian turned his head, blind-sided.

"Szu," he said.

"I don't want you to go to prison because of me!" she wailed.

"Qian, what is she talking about?" Ju asked. The youngest clan member clenched his fists in his lap.

"It's not like that," he said through gritted teeth.

"Then tell us what it's like," the main cop said. Qian whipped his head around.

"I was so angry that nobody was helping Szu," he confessed. "So I complained to a friend about my problems."

"Did you hire anybody to assault to Zhong?" the main cop said.

"No," Qian said. "My friend just said he would find out who it was and that's all that happened."

"Are you sure that's all that happened?"

"Yes. I didn't ask for him to get beat up like that. I just wanted to know who raped Szu because nobody was doing anything to help her."

Ju gritted her teeth. She rose to her feet and slapped Qian in the face.

"Do you realize what you have done?!" she shouted. You have thrown our clan into the crosshairs. You're lucky that my father was on good terms with Zhong's father! We are already struggling with money in this clan! We don't need more scandals!"

"Is my son going to prison?" Lili asked. The police were about to speak when they heard someone ask, "Oh, did I come at a bad time?" Everyone turned their heads to see Ju's uncle, Jianjun. He stood in the doorway dressed in a fancy suit. Fei and Hen-to glared at him.

"What the hell are you doing here?!" Hen-to hissed through gritted teeth.

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