We Live a Dying Dream


Key Eleven: Schadenfreude:

The city is rotten. Its source comes from the mighty tower. Paradise reeks of rot the worst. Healthy sexual pleasure does not exist in Paradise. The angels are used in the most depraved ways.

Sex isn't the only things that the monsters feed off of. Their strongest high comes from the angels' suffering. The spilled blood tasted sweeter than caramel raining down from Heaven. Paradise was born to deal with the Tower's problem of overcrowding. Some of the female angels still managed to look attractive. It would be such a shame if they weren't put to good use.

Already, the male monsters had their own ideas. Some even started acting on them in their own chambers. The problem arose when some wanted to abuse their neighbor's angels. Many fights broke out in the tower. Such chaos was not needed to run this Fallen City. It sounded painful, but a little bit of order was needed to appease the hunger and fighting of the monsters.

To everyone's surprise, it was Jasdevi who came up with the idea for Paradise in the first place. They were perceived as scatter-brained even after the Great Crash. How would they even pull this off? How could they even get most of the resistant angels to submit to their much-desired cruel games? The naysayers ended up being blown away as they had learned that the twins had been plotting this for quite some time.

The twins wasted no time acquiring the space. After all, who was using the seventh floor anyway? After a little redecoration of the rooms, Paradise started to take shape. The prettier angels soon filled up the giant golden glitter cages. But how to subdue them for the fun part? Jasdevi didn't have to go far into roping Tyki into their scheme.

"Why would I want to be involved in something so tacky?" he asked.

"It'll be fun," Devit said. "We just want to use some of your drugs on the toys."

"Please?" Jasdero asked.

"And what would I get out of this?" Tyki asked. The twins broke into a huge grin.

"Come look!" they said. Jasdevi dragged the doctor from his office. They snickered through the whole elevator to Paradise. Tyki wasn't impressed when he first saw Paradise in progress. After the "grand tour", so to speak, Tyki begrudgingly warmed up to the idea.

"Any ideas?" Devit asked the "good" doctor. Tyki glanced at them with a poker face.

"I have something," he replied. "Never tried it out, but if you imbeciles can pull off something like this, you might be able to make it work." The twins grinned with V-signs shoved in the doctor's face. Tyki rolled his eyes. Anything to shut them up, he thought.

Today, Paradise is a monster filled with depraved rot and poison. Allen Walker has only begun to see how low these monsters can go with these angels.

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