We Live a Dying Dream


Key Thirteen: Monsters:

Thirty minutes later, Marion drew back. Allen started at her, intently.

"Well?" he asked.

"She's still there," Marion said. "Your friend can be brought back." Allen noticed a hint of worry on her face.

"But…?" he asked. The female angel dropped her shoulders.

"I myself can't bring her out of her hell," she said. Allen gave her a strange look.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"To bring somebody back, somebody close to them has to go into their hell and pull them out," Marion explained. The male angel blinked as he pointed to his chest.

"So… I have to…?"


"How do I do that?"

Marion turned back to Ophelia's cationic body. "Grab my shoulder." Allen reached forward a grabbed onto her right shoulder.

"Good," the female angel said. "Focus your energy through my mind."

"Right," Allen said. Marion closed her eyes and chanted her spell. Allen felt a thick chill run through his body before sinking through and black hole.

Allen opened his eyes when he smelt perfumed rotting fish. The clouds were a swirled dark purple. He shivered when the hard winds touched his skin. It felt like he was standing on knives in the pavement. Allen's stomach turned as he looked around.

"Where am I?" he asked.

You're in Ophelia's hell.

"Marion?" Allen asked.

You don't have much time. If you stay in a foreign for too long, you will be trapped their forever.


I will guide you back when your time is about up.

"How do I find Ophelia?"

Can you feel her?

Allen put his hands to his chest and closed his eyes. At first, he heard a chorus of women chanting, "whore, whore, whore." He tried to focus through their voices. After seconds passed, he heard a familiar voice weeping.

"I hear her!" he cried, opening his eyes. "She's in deep pain!"

Follow her weeping. You will find your friend there.

"I understand," Allen said. He ran down the thick cobblestone path. As he ran, the angel took in this city around him. The shops looked like the faces of monster looking for unsuspecting to gobble up. Rubbish ran on either side of him like dead fish floating on a river. The road felt longer that it actually was. The people walking by him looked like shadowy stick figure acting a normal day. Still, Allen couldn't help but get the feeling of déjà vu.

He wondered, where have I seen this city before? Allen tried to ignore the winds blowing the "whore" chant in his ears. When he feet touched a crumbling Seine, the pain shot through his feet. Boats and traffic were non-existent around him. There were no animals around either. Only the smell of perfumed rotting fish remained. As he ran, Allen tried to guess exactly what this city was supposed to be. He only got his answer when looked to the sky and saw supposedly the Eiffel Tower leaning like the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy. The once majestic building looked like it would collapse at any second. It was then Allen remembered hearing the faint traces of an accent in Ophelia's voice when she spoke. When he remembered her confession before Road caught them, it all began to make sense.

"Oh, so this is what your Hell is," he said.

Allen stopped running when he small a dark pink monster head-looking building with flashing neon lights. The sign above read, Maîtresse Maison de Mauvaise Reputation. This was where he felt Ophelia's pain the worst.

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