We Live a Dying Dream


Key One: Ophelia:

Road shook her head, frowning. Allen sat in front of her gritting his teeth. He sure put up a fight as she dragged him back to the tower. At one point, she smacked him in the nape and knocked him out.

"Will you stop struggling already?" she growled just before he went out cold. The walk back to the tower made her angrier. Now that he was awake and back in her chambers, the cold burn she saw in his eyes pissed her off.

"You disobeyed me," Road said. "Running away and hiding out with that creature." She pointed behind her as she said "that creature." Ophelia lay on the ground pale and still worn out from giving birth. She didn't get time to fully recover as she and Allen were taken back to the tower. Road couldn't understand why Jasdevi had to bring her along.

"Did you really think I was going to let you and your little friends walk out of this city just like that?" she asked. Allen glared at her.

"Hm?" Road asked. Allen muttered something under his breath.

"What did you say?" she asked. She leaned in for a listen.

"Go fuck yourself," Allen said in a low voice. Road growled and kicked him in the chest. Her pet bit on his lower lip as he fell on his back. He swore to himself that he wouldn't give her the satisfaction. Road stood back, breathing hard.

"You really pissed me off," she said. "And as your punishment, you will be forced to watch your little friend here as she is eaten alive by the angels out here!" Ophelia's eyes widened when she heard her say that. Allen flinched, but refused to show her fear.

"Aw, come on!" Jasdevi complained. "That's it?" Road whipped her head around.

"Is that a problem?" she asked.

"We figured…" Devit began, shuffling his feet.


"Well, she's not that cute, but we could use a little more…"


"Come on, please?" Jasdero pleaded.

"You already have enough toys in Paradise!" Road said.

"Well, yeah," Devit said. "But we want some fresh meat from time to time. We brought her all this way. Why waste her on them?" Road started to say no, but then an idea came into her head.

"Fine," she said. "Under one condition." The Noah monster picked up Allen by his hair. "You fuck her in front of him." Both angels freaked out as Jasdevi looked like little boys who awoke to a mountain of presents under the tree on Christmas morning.

"Nice!" they shouted. Road sat down on Allen as she forced his head to face Ophelia. He could feel the air leave his body as she sat on his chest.

"You better make this worth my while!" she said. "Don't be arguing and doing petty bullshit like you usually do!" Devit stopped listening as he unzipped his leather pants and mounted Ophelia. She tried to crawl away, but he held her down. She was too weak to push him off.

"Aw, what's wrong? We're only getting started," he purred. Devit used one heavy hand to cover her mouth while the other tore open her raggedy dark brown dress.

"Spread your legs," he said. Big tears formed in the angel's eyes. Devit gritted his teeth.

"I said spread your damn legs!" he shouted. He forced opened her thighs with his free hand. Ophelia screamed under his hand at the sharp pain he forced inside of her. Allen tried to turn away, but Road forced his head to stay in please.

"Stop resisting," she said. Ophelia's screams were muzzled by Devit's hand as he attacked her pound after pound.

"It's tight," he said. "When was the last time you done it?" He sped up his thrusting as tears streamed down her face. Her eyes pleaded for mercy, but Devit pounded savagely. She tried to reach out to Allen, but her attacker forced her skinny arm back into place. He collapsed beside of her, panting. Without a single rest, Jasdero jumped on for a turn. Allen tried to wriggle himself free, but Road punched him in the ribcage.

"Give up, already," she said. "You better not shut your eyes to this show either!" Meanwhile, Jasdero had his hands around Ophelia's neck as he attacked her. She gagged as Devit laughed at her. The angels' stomachs turned at the poisonous sounds feeling the room. Just when the show looked to be about over, the twin monsters combined into their full form of Jasdevi. He grabbed the weakened Ophelia and flipped her onto her stomach.

"Allen!" she cried as she tried to crawl towards him. "Please! Don't look at me!" Jasdevi pinned her down and covered her mouth. Road smiled coldly as her combined brothers mounted their attack from behind.

"It's tight back here too," they said. This time, her breasts wildly bounced from the savage attack. Her muzzled screaming grew louder with the pain.

"Is that blood or are you getting wet?" her attacker asked. Road's full use of her weight held Allen in place. He gritted his teeth as the attack grew fierce. Her tear-filled eyes pleaded with the angel not to look at her like this. Jasdevi ran his nails down her back.

"Say, 'Daddy, I love this'!" he shouted. "Say, 'Daddy, I love this'! Say it!" The blood running down between the angel's legs made it down to her feet. Jasdevi didn't let up until he reached his climax. He lay beside Ophelia panting and covered in sweat. Road hid her smile at the brutality of the show. Jasdevi turned to violated angel as she lay twitching on the cold marble.

"Oh, you think we're done with you?" he asked. The monster rose to his feet, smirking. "Oh, we're not done with you, slut." He rose his foot off the ground and stomped on her chest. The impact made her body jump, causing the air to leave her lungs. Jasdevi's foot came down on her chest three more times. He kicked in the head, ribs, and stomach eight times. The monster finished off with punching the battered angel in the head and throat. He stood back, panting.

"Now, we're done with you," he said before breaking apart into the twins again. Ophelia lay motionless as the twins walked away. Despite finally getting off of Allen, Road prevented him from crawling to the battered angel's aid.

"It's your own fault," she said. "You brought this on themselves." Allen cursed himself as his mistress walked out the door.

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