We Live a Dying Dream


Key Twenty-One: Messages:

Leda. Marion. Can anyone hear me?


Allen lifted his head. Who's there?

It's me, idiot.


I'm surprised that you aren't hell. What do you want?

Allen took in a deep breath. Listen, I do not have long to talk. There is a parasite crawling around inside of me. I don't know how long my mind will be here.


I am going to try and escape again. Allen paused when he heard snorting in his head. What's so funny?

Are you that stupid? You already tried it once. What makes you think that you can do it again?

Allen gritted his teeth and breathed in hard. I have to get out of here! I don't belong here!

And where are you going to go?

Back home. To heaven.

And how can you be sure that they are still looking for you?

I won't know until I try. Why are you so negative all of the time? Did something happen to make you like this?


Allen began to smirk. That's the first time you've lied to me.

I am not!

The other angel lay back on the floor. That's it. I am taking you with me along with me crew on the outside.

Marion broke down laughing. You really are crazy.

I mean it. I will take you, Alma, and Ophelia out of the Tower and we'll leave the city.

You are out of your mind. You won't be able to pull it off.

You have to trust me on this.

Another voice filled his head. Just like I did with you?

Allen jerked his eyes open. Ophelia?

Marion's right. We can't do it.

What is it with all of this negativity? You guys can't give up so easily. I am sure you have someone looking for you in Heaven. Come with me and I will help you escape. I got out of the Tower once. I know I can do it again. Allen broke down screaming in pain as he huddled up into a ball. His body broke out into a sweat.


The weakened angel chuckled. I'm okay. I know we can do this. Please trust me! I will get us all out of here! You can't give up so easily. Believe in me on this!

Marion's voice filled his head. How would you even try to pull off getting out of this tower.

That's where I come in.

Allen's eyes widened at the sound of the third voice in his head. Leda?

Who's Leda? The girls asked.

The chained up angel grinned in their minds. Hello ladies.

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