We Live a Dying Dream


Key Eight: Hell:

-Fallen City-

When the party died down again, Marion snuck in and took Alma back to their room. Allen waited by the door.

"How is she?" he asked. Marion shook her head.

"Not good," she said. "They did serious hell on her." Marion laid her dear friend down onto the mattress. The sight of Alma made Allen's stomach drop. Her eyes looked so empty. Alma didn't seem to be breathing either. The male angel shuddered as he remembered how Ophelia turned out after she was raped. Marion pushed Allen aside.

"I'm going to need you to back up," she said. The other angel tilted his head.

"Why? What are you going to do?" he asked.

"What else? I'm going to bring us back to us."

Allen narrowed his eyes. "Bring her back?" Marion ignored him as she held her hands over the catatonic angel. Alma. Can you hear me? Come back to us. Alma! Come back to us now. Allen watched as Alma's body began to glow a light white. The angel coughed and her body jumped with a jolt. She sat up and looked around.

"Alma?" Marion asked. Her dear friend turned to face her.

"Mari-on?" she asked. Marion's heart did a little flip in her chest.

"Oh good," she said. Allen crawled forward with wide eyes.

"How did you do that?" he asked. Marion sat back, catching her breath.

"It's just a basic skill that I had when I first became an angel," she said. "Whenever I see an angel trapped within their mind, I reach out to them and pull them back."

"Just like that?"

"Well, they have to be before a certain point before they are lost."

"I see." It didn't take long for an idea to form in Allen's head. He turned his attention to Marion. "There is someone else I want you to bring back." Marion turned her head.


Allen pressed his lips together in hopes of selling this. "I need you to bring back a friend of mine."

Marion tilted her head. "Why?"

Male angel lowered his eyes. "I made a promise to her."

"Let me guess, take her out of the city?"

"I have to get us out of here!"

"You're still going on about that bullshit?"

"I have to get out of here! I'm going to find a way to get Ophelia better, get out of this tower, find our friends, and get out of this city!" Allen grabbed her by her hands. "I can take you and Alma out of here as well." Marion all but laughed.

"What?" Allen asked.

"You are out of your mind!" Marion said.

"At least help my friend?"

The other angel sighed and rolled her eyes. "Will you shut up afterwards?" Allen nodded like an innocent puppy. Marion puffed up her cheeks.

"Fine," she muttered. The angel turned back to her dear friend. "Are you going to be fine on your own for the time being?"

"Yes," Alma said in a small voice. Marion turned back to Allen.

"Take me to this friend," she said. Allen rose to his feet and walked down out the room. Marion stood up and shook her head. Idiot! She followed him out the door.

Meanwhile, Ophelia looked at the black clouds swirling around her. Where… am I?

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