Happy Wonderland


Halo Nine: Auction:

Mikado sat at his computer with the phone in his hand. "It's bipolar disorder tonight. Nah, I'm just looking. Because I want to." Mikado paced himself for the next question. The caller would probably be onto him by now.

"So tell me," Mikado said. "What happened back in the summer of 1987? Hm? You won't give me answers to my other questions. Could you at least tell me what happened twenty-years ago?" His boss persona popped up for a brief moment, but Mikado battled to keep him down long enough to get answers.

"Well, my friend—No, not the one having problems or her friend. This is another friend of mine. I have three female friends." Mikado chuckled. "I'm not that popular. Anyway, this friend of mine came across some interesting articles. One was about this girl was killed by her mother. Funny thing, this girl and her sister look so familiar. But that can't be right, now can it?" Let's see you try to weasel your way out of this one! Mikado smirked as he waited.

Keiichi felt like passing out from the overpowering jasmine. He had to take slow breath to keep from throwing up. I need to stay focused. I have to bring Arisu home to her son. He reached a curtain made of white crystals. Keiichi pulled himself together from the jasmine perfume swirling around in the air. He did a quick run through with his plan. Go in, observe everything, take a seat, get a drink, and ask a couple of questions on the fly. Simple enough, yes?

The lavish backdrop brushed away his thoughts.

Gold and lavender danced around the room. Here the jasmine perfume was stronger, but not so overpowering. It almost set his mind in a strange place that made him feel warm inside. Brightly colored lights flashed around overhead. Most of the men were well-dressed in western-style suits. Some of them wore silver or gold masks. Glitter showered everyone in the room every ten minutes. On stage, an elegant woman in a pearl-colored corset and black mini skirt sang an alluring song of the old days. Pretty girls in various flirty costumes served the men drinks and sat with them, talking. A couple of patrons groped the girls as they sat on their laps. A puzzled look came over Keiichi's face.

Did I just step into another world or something?

Sure, Keiichi was used to hearing about sex and kinky things. This… He shook his head. I have to focus here. The journalist student calmed himself down while looking for a place to sit down. Keiichi finally found a spot near the exit and took a seat. He rubbed his forehead under the mask. Why do I feel so dizzy?

"Sir, would you like a drink?" a small voice asked. Keiichi shifted his eyes to his right. A cocktail waitress dressed like a Vegas black jack dealer stood next to him, holding a tray. Keiichi nodded as he gulped.

"Sure," he said.

"What would you like?"

"Anything you have on your tray there."

"You got it." She handed him a cool glass of Mitsuya Cider. "Here you go."

"Thank you." Keiichi downed his glass in one gulp.

"Better?" the cocktail waitress asked.

"Yeah!" Keiichi found that his head stopped hurting and that he could focus.

"Are you new here?" she asked.

"How did you know?" he asked.

The waitress tapped the side of her nose. "I can spot the newbie by the uncomfortable way that they sit."


"Yeah." She brushed his hair from his forehead. "You could use a little treat to relax with." The waitress moved into his lap before he had a chance to speak. "Do you want me or another girl?"

Her question reminded him of his mission. "Actually, I am looking for another girl."

"Oh? Did you want someone in particular?"

"Yes, actually. Could you tell me if this girl is available tonight?" Keiichi drew out his phone and showed the waitress a picture of Arisu. The girl on his lap grew pale as her eyes shifted left and right.

"I'm afraid she doesn't work here anymore."

Keiichi tilted his head. "Why is that?"

"I'm not allowed to talk about that."

"What do you mean?" The waitress looked away and before Keiichi could push for more questions, the curtains behind the singer rose. An old man in a black and gold kimono walked out on stage.

"Gentlemen!" he yelled. "You are in for a real treat tonight! We will begin the auction of our goddess to change hands!" The men in the crowd roared with cheers. Keiichi turned to the waitress on his lap.

"What auction?" he whispered. She gently tapped him on the nose.

"That's for me to know and you to find out," she said in a flirty tone. Keiichi gulped as he nodded. The waitress climbed of his lap and disappeared to tend to over patrons. The old man moved aside and the stage lowered, allowing the golden gates on either side near the exits to open. Curious, Keiichi followed the crowd in for the "auction".

Downstairs had a completely different vibe. Keiichi spent the perfume much stronger. He forced himself to stay awake as he kept walking with the crowd. On either side of the herd of men, some of patrons were screwing the girls in various positions. Keiichi tried to tune out the constant moans and faint screams to take mental notes about his surroundings. The more he walked, the more he noticed something was off about these girls. Why do they look so dazed out? The girls had nothing in their eyes as they were repeatedly penetrated. Keiichi felt a chill run up his body. That's just not right.

The old man in the kimono walked up to the big silver doors. He held up his key in his hand.

"Gentlemen!" he said. "I welcome you to the Private Moon Room!" The old man turned and unlocked the big doors. More of the perfume hit the men in the faces like a wave. By this time, Keiichi built up a minor tolerance to the smell. The bright white light drew in the patrons. They all turned their seats in black glass booths. Keiichi sat in front of a red button sitting on a desk in front of them. The old man in the kimono walked on stage.

"The auction for our goddess begins!" he announced. The light purple curtains rose behind him and the spotlight focused on the stage. Keiichi happened to look and notice a girl about nineteen walk out on stage. Her long blonde hair came just above her arse. Her petite figure was only covered white see-through silk that wrapped around her body. Only golden pins held it in place. Her make-up made her look a little older. The stoic look on her face added to the element of mystery surrounding her. Keiichi felt a sudden head rush as his cheeks turned red when his eyes met this "goddess" standing on stage.

Who is this girl? He couldn't think straight as his eyes stayed on her and the wild whistles and hoots around him. The old man in the kimono walked up to the "goddess" standing on stage.

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