Happy Wonderland


Halo Eleven: Shirley:

Mikado pressed his forehead against the glass of his window. He started to zone out of the explanation the caller on the other line was giving him. (Probably more lies away.) Mikado was about to nod off when something caught his attention below. Or rather someone.

A little boy about five or six years old dressed in pajamas with short spiky black hair looked up at his window. (At least, he thought it was his window.) This child had a blank stare as he stood there. Mikado looked at the child with a confused look on his face. Where have I seen that kid before?

"Uh… I'm going to have to call you right back," Mikado said. He hung up and rushed outside. To his surprise, the child was gone. Mikado looked around with the phone in his hand. Who was that kid?

"500 points!"



Keiichi couldn't believe his ears. These men were bidding on this young woman on stage. She didn't seem fazed by all of this. The old man in the kimono rubbed on her back in a creepy way. She stood with an empty look in her eyes. The bids got higher around them as the lights danced in the glass booth above.

"5,000 points!"




This didn't feel right. She was a human being about to be sold like a sex slave to the entertainment of randy older men. The young lady on stage would more than likely be like those women in the hall. He couldn't stand to envision this young woman on stage being essentially raped with a blank look on her face. Keiichi couldn't sit back and let it happen. His desire to rescue her compelled him to push the red button in front of him.

100,000 points?



The man in the kimono rubbed his hands together, grinning. He only got to relish one nights like this twice a year. A new "owner" would keep her during the summer. (More like secondary owner while he still held control of the doll on stage.) The old man looked at his golden watch. Time to close the auction.

"Okay!" he said over the microphone. "Thirty seconds left!"





"50,000,000!" The last bidder of this was the planned buyer for this summer turn. He and the primary owner made a secret deal the night before. The old man in his kimono held up his hand.

"Going once!" he shouted. "Going twice!" Suddenly, one more bid came that broke the winter record.

"1,000,000,000!" It came in just before the voting was closed down. The old man nearly stumbled backwards as his pipe hit the stage.

"Going once!" he shouted. "Going twice!" The intended buyer desperately tried to go higher, but his bid couldn't reach the speakers in the ceiling. The young woman's owner hesitated, but found that he had no choice but to stay with tradition.

"Sold!" he shouted. "Please stand up and state your name!" Keiichi about jumped out of his chair when his booth lit up. Oh shit, I didn't expect all of this! I can't use my real name here; I'd blow my cover. Keiichi rose to his feet in his booth.

"Ono!" he said.

"Come down and claim your prize!" the old man announced. As if in a trance, Keiichi walked down the black stairs in front of his glass booth. The other gentlemen in their booths started shouting as he walked onto the stage.

"Share her! Share her! Share her!" they pleaded. Keiichi tuned them out as he came within inches of the goddess on stage. Her golden eyes made his cheeks turn bright red. One touch of her small hand made him see what he had to do.

"Share her! Share her! Share her!" the gentlemen in their booths begged. Keiichi grabbed the microphone from the original owner.

"No!" he shouted. "I will not!" The college student threw down the microphone and left the stage with the young lady by his side.

"Share her! Share her! Share her!" the gentlemen begged. The primary owner gritted his teeth as the pair disappeared behind the curtains.

On the same night, Masaomi got on his phone. He heard that he had to make this one call before he could go deeper into the truth.

"Hello?" a girl's voice asked. The shogun of the Yellow Scarves sat up straight.

"Saki-chan?" he asked.

"Masaomi? What's the matter? You sound rather worried about something. Did something happen?"

"I just wanted to call and say that I love you."


"Good night." He hung up before she could say anything else and he broke down crying. His own box sat next to him on the floor.

In her office at Tandeki Headquarters, Junko twirled a bride and groom cake toppers in her hands. Only one notion crossed her mind.

"I think it's time for a little reunion or two," she said.

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