Happy Wonderland


Halo One: Fireflies:

Summer 1983.

"Why are we out here?" she asked. Makoto looked over his shoulder.

"You'll see in a second," he said. She frowned as they walked further into the darkened woods.

"I don't like where this going."

"You will soon. Just trust me on this."

She pressed her lips together, nodding. "Okay…"

"Very good." Makoto led her deep into the woods by the hand. Last night, he caught a sight of beauty when he couldn't sleep. Such a vision couldn't be described in words. He just had to show her. She's going to love this when she sees it! They came down to a swallow creek at the end of the woods. Makoto tried to pull her along with him, but she refused.

"Come on," he said. She shook her head.

"But my nightgown will get wet!" she complained.

"It'll be fine! The water's only ankle deep. See, look?" Makoto jumped up and down the creek a few times. "See? It's fine!"

"I can't see! It's too dark out here!"

"Oh just come on already!" Makoto pulled her right into the water with him. "There!"

"It's cold!" she yelped.

"It's going to get colder if we stand around here any longer," he pointed out. "Now come on." Makoto dragged her along with him in the ankle-deep creek. The whole time, she looked around with her fingers to her lips.

"Maybe we should go back?" she asked. "The bottom of my gown's getting wet."

"It will all be worth it, I promise!" he insisted. "Please, stop arguing with me and keep up." She drew her mouth closed and stole glances behind her as they keep walking. At last, they came to the center of the creek. She lowered her hand, looking around.

"Why did we stop?" she asked. Makoto smiled in the darkness.

"Take a look around you," he said. She looked up and saw a firefly flying around in the darkness. Makoto chuckled as he heard her gasp.

"Keep watching," he whispered. More fireflies lit up and flew around them. Pretty soon, their lights glowed around their bodies. She pressed her hands to her chest. Makoto looked behind him.

"Isn't it beautiful?" he asked.

"Yes!" she said, gasping. Makoto put his arm around her shoulders. She kissed him on the cheek.

"I love you," she whispered.

"Yeah, I love you too," Makoto said back. They watched all of the beautiful fireflies flying around them. This moment would be one of the last happy times they would have together.

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