Happy Wonderland


Halo Twenty-Two: Makoto:

Mikado looked out the window while on the phone. For the past week and a half, there was a little kid standing outside his apartment, looking up at his window. He had no idea what this child wanted. Everyone else didn't seem to notice him. The strangest thing was that child looked so familiar. Mikado tilted his head. Where have I seen this kid before?

A question on the other line drew his attention back to the mysterious caller.

"Huh?" he asked. "I'm sorry I wasn't listening. What were you saying again?"

-Christmas Night-

Back at his home, Makoto froze as he heard the front door open. His maze vanished as high heels crossed the hard tatami floors.

"I'm home!" Evie called out as she took them off. Her words set off a light bulb in his head as she walked into the living room. Evie tilted her head as she gave him a strange look.

"Makoto?" she asked. "What's the matter? Makoto?" The man grabbed onto his right arm.

"I think I was married," he confessed out of the blue. Evie narrowed her eyes with a cold look on her face.

"What did you say?" she asked. Makoto pulled his knees to his chest.

"I remember now," he said. "I was married. I had a wife." His voiced trembled as he spoke. Evie gritted her teeth.

"Oh really?" she asked with her hands on her hips. Makoto quickly shook his head.

"It's not like that!" he said.

"Then what is it like?"

Her boyfriend lowered his shoulders, sighing. "Please hear me out."

Evie and Makoto sat at the table in the living/dining room. The real estate agent drummed her fingers along her left cheek as she stared down her boyfriend.

"Who is she?" she asked. Makoto had his head facing downwards.

"I don't know," he said.

Evie raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean that you don't know?"

"I can't remember much about my wife." Makoto shook his head. "I don't know her name and I can't see her face. I remember that she smelt of hyacinths." He could've sworn that he heard his wife's earlier when Evie dragged him out shopping for last minute Christmas gifts for her coworkers. His wife's voice was talking to someone and sounded panicked.


"Do you know your parents' names?"


"Do you even know who your parents are?"

"I… I don't know. I…"

"Where you born?"


"No, you weren't."

"I was."

"No you weren't."

"What you want with me?"

"For you to be honest."

"About what?"


"But what do you mean?"

Makoto froze when he heard that exchange when he was standing outside of the shop. He didn't know who was speaking or what they were taking about. Thinking back, the blind man wished that he had the courage to intervene. He wished to protect her from that man grilling her to the point of her breaking down.

"Hyacinths?" Evie asked, sitting back and snorting.

"Don't laugh," he said. "What's wrong with the smell hyacinths?"

"Nothing," his girlfriend said. "It just sounds so lame."

"I actually like it. In fact, I called her 'Hyacinth Girl' because of her scent."

"Really? Can you get any cornier?"

Makoto shrugged his shoulders. "I thought it was really cute. I can't remember if she liked it or not."

"What else about this 'wife' of yours?" Evie asked. Makoto tried to dig in his brain about what else he could remember in what little memory he regained.

"She had bright red stockings," he said.

"Bright red stockings?"

"Yeah." Makoto held out his hands as if he was drawing the long red said clothing in his mind's eye. "She wore them on Sundays."

Evie leaned in with her eyes narrowed. "Like for church?"

"How did you know?"

"It was a guess. Besides, I am American, remember? Most of us go to church. I don't of course, but that's not the point." She raised an eyebrow when she heard her boyfriend chuckling. She put hands on her hips.

"May I ask what's so funny?" she asked. Makoto shook his head.

"It's just the way that you said all of that," he said. "It's so weird. I can't remember the last time I laughed at all."

"What else about your wife?" Evie asked. His laughter quickly evaporated when she asked that question.

"She was Catholic," he said in a low voice.

"And you're not?" Evie asked. Makoto's hands trembled as he shook his head.

"I see… Anything else about her?"


"Not even a name?"


"Do you know where she is now?"


Evie sat back frowning as she pandered this new information. She didn't know whether to be jealous or curious. It didn't sound like Makoto was making it up either. Why would he and what brought all of this up now?

Outside, the blackened teenaged girl watched Makoto speak with her hand pressed against the glass.

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