Happy Wonderland


Halo Six: Junko:

Tonight, Mikado looked up an article about schizophrenia on Wikipedia while on the phone.

"Schizophrenia," he said. "Just because." Everyone in their circle tried to diagnose Noriko for close to a year. Even though they had their own secrets, no one could figure their friend out.

"She's fine," Mikado said. "She's just a bit tired lately. I'm sure it's just the stress with school. Of course it is. Why would I lie?"


They are starting to remember everything that's happened to them. Right now, it's in fragments, but his little darlings are smart enough to figure it out. This puts my company in quite a jam. Half of my team wants to erase their memory while my team wants to help them along. Right now, I can only watch them.


Mikado and his friends sat on the rooftop. Despite the same thought running through their mind, nobody dared to speak. Or rather, nobody knew how to start the conversation. Mikado looked up at his friends. I can't tell the girls about the note Masaomi and I found. I don't even know what it makes myself. When did I even write it? Why would I write something like that? Chiharu cleared her throat. The friends looked up as she opened her mouth to speak. However after a few seconds, she drew her mouth closed. She looked down at her empty bento tray.

That e-mail allow sent them into a tail-spin of confusion. Now, they waited for one of them to speak up today on the roof. Masaomi mumbled a question to no one in particular.

"What did you say?" Anri asked. The blonde-haired boy lifted his head.

"Do you still have that book?" he asked again.

"Oh, yes," Mikado answered. "Hang on." The girls looked at Masaomi with confused looks on their face.

"What book?" Noriko asked. Mikado pulled out Selected Poems of T.S. Eliot from his bag.

"This," he said. "Somehow I had this on hold since summer and I can't remember why."

"We found a note stuck inside at The Waste Land page," Masaomi said. Mikado froze upon hearing that.

"What did it say?" Anri asked.

"Angel Tadpole Heaven," Mikado said in a low, trembling voice.

"What does that mean?" Chiharu asked.

"I have no idea," he said. He didn't want it to come out like this, but Masaomi had to open his mouth and push them all further in. On the plus side, Mikado hadn't had any attacks in the past couple of days. Still, he counted on it. He still couldn't get why he smelled bleach before blacking out in the library. Still, part of him waited, wanted to dig deeper in and give himself and his friends peace of mind. First, he needed to get to the bottom of "Angel Tadpole Heaven". Somebody had to have the answers. Somebody had to.


The lad is already struggling with the visions he keeps seeing. It's so tempting to toy with him first. Yet, my boss and the "erase" team are starting to worry about him. They can't have him getting his memories back too soon. I don't agree, but I will step in if he gets too close. His little friends aren't grasping it just yet. Like I said, they aren't stupid. Red's already been through my box and know number one's real name, but she hasn't connected the dots just yet. I'm going to give her a little more time. Plus, Ringo led the girls a little bit further in. I will have to see where that goes. However, the one I'm really worried is Chiharu. Yes, that one looks like she might have already figured it out. She's died before, but has a nasty little tendency to not stay dead.

Besides the Dollars' founder, Noriko is also so much fun to play with. I already pushed the code into our little princess' head. These past through days have been fun to watch her suffer. I wonder how long it well take before she loses her mind. I keep counting down. Maybe we can start taking bets around the office.

I grit my teeth as I watch his little darlings awkwardly struggle to say something. One more element could go and bugger up everything. I don't understand the boss had to add that jackal, Izaya, into our project. I do not trust that cocky little bastard. He's got his agenda and he's bored. Those wankers are the worst! If he gets in our way, I will kill him! I swear I will! I turned around when I heard a knock on my door.

"Yes?" I asked. A folded up piece of paper slid under my door. Ah, just in time for the next set of direction. I slid my chair over and picked up the paper. Got it, I thought after reading. I shoved the paper into my coat pocket.

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