Key Twelve: Talks:


Her grandmother managed to find my place. Ami looked caught off-guard just by seeing her walk into my room.

"Grandma?!" she asked. The old lady stuck up her nose at me. I met her once before. She didn't even like me then. I remember the first question that she asked me when our eyes met.

"Did you come out of the streets or something?" she asked. Ami looked so embarrassed that she dragged me away as fast as she could. I already figured out what kind of person her grandmother was. We did everything in our power to hide our relationship from her. She didn't even know that I was an angel. Yet, a part of me suspected that she would have found out somewhere down the road. I didn't dare to try and guess how she found this place or about us. Her grandmother stuck up her nose at me once again.

"And what is all of this?" she asked. I grabbed onto Ami's hand.

"She spent the night with me!" I announced. Ami looked up at me in a panic.

"Lavi!" she hissed.

"Why bother hiding it anymore?" I asked. "There aren't any secrets here now." Even then, I was lying. The Old Panda judged me with his eyes. I'm sorry, but I couldn't tell them what we were. He knew that well. The old lady folded her arms across her chest.

"And this is the father of your child?" she hissed at her granddaughter.

"Yes!" Ami yelped.

"I see," her grandmother said. The disapproving look on her face made things even worse. Bookman lit up his cigarette. Ami's grandmother turned her head, glaring at him.

"Could you please not do that in a presence of a lady?" she asked. "Smoking is so tasteless."

"My apologies," the old panda told her. He snubbed out his cigarette.

"Thank you," that evil old lady said. She turned her attention to Ami and me. "This is irresponsible behavior," she said. "I raised you better than that." Ami squeezed my hand.

"You didn't raise me at all!" she snapped. "You are just nothing but a dictator!"

"Excuse me?" her grandmother asked. Ami narrowed her eyes at her.

"Everything I do just disappoints you!" she barked. "No wonder mom was so depressed around you!"

"You watch your tongue!"

Ami folded her arms across her chest. "Of you'll do what?" I reached out to break them up.

"Okay, okay," I said. "Let's not fight!" Grandmother and granddaughter turned to me, glaring. I tried not to break down with my nervousness.

"Let's just talk about the baby, alright?" I suggested. Tenses seemed to defuse if only for a moment.

"You cannot keep this child," her grandmother said.

"I agree," the old Panda said. Ami looked at the both of them.

"Why not?" she asked. I silently panicked as I saw the look on Bookman's face. Please don't tell what we are. Please don't tell what we are. Please don't tell what we are!

"Our kinds do not mix," he said in a stern voice. I relaxed when he left it at that. Ami tilted her head at him and her grandmother.

"What are you saying?" she asked. "Should I get an abortion?"

"No!" the old people snapped. Her grandmother cleared her throat.

"This clan has suffered enough scandal as it is," she said. "We don't need more!"

"You will give this child to a loving family," Bookman told us. Ami opened her mouth to object, but her grandmother gave her a cold look.

"This is nonnegotiable!" she hissed. "Do I make myself clear?" I tried argue back, but that evil old lady turned her cold eyes on me.

"Do I make myself clear?" she asked again.

"Yes," Ami and I replied. I lowered my head and looked down at our hands. This will not be an easy nine months.

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