Key One: Ami:

She was so spoiled.

Ami came from a powerful local clan. Her parents, aunts, and uncles practically gave her everything that she wanted. Ami is pretty much what every guy would want in a girl. She's beautiful and really popular. So popular that everyone called her "The Queen of the School." Ami wasn't afraid to act like it either. Top of her class, her teachers were always so proud of her. She also happened to be very independent. I always smiled at that last trait of hers. Her independence often crossed the line to stubbornness. She was so pig-headed that it managed to get her in trouble with her grandmother back at home. For some reason, that reminded me of my old friends.

Our relationship was a strange one. As far as I remember, Ami was the one in control. I followed just to please her. I even called her mistress in my mind. Oh yeah, we had to keep our relationship a secret.

"My grandmother would flip if she found out that I was sleeping with an older boy," she told me on our first date. I gave her a strange look.

"Why is that?" I asked. She gave me a little tip on the nose.

"She's a strict old lady who doesn't know what fun," she said. I raised an eyebrow at her.

"And you do?" I asked. Ami gave me a little kiss on the lips.

"Do you want me to show you?" she asked in a low voice. I couldn't help, but smile at her tone.

"Please do!" I said, chuckling. Ami gave me a naughty smile as she climbed on top, giving me another kiss on the lips before pushing me back.

Before I go any further, let me tell you how we first met.

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