Distorted Wonderland


Halo Eleven: Doctor:

The nurse walked back to the darkened conference room. "Doctor?" she whispered as she peeked around inside.

"Are you alone?" a man asked.

"Yes sir," the nurse replied.

"Enter," her boss told her. The nurse with the Scottish accent walked into the conference room and shut the door behind her.

"Good," the doctor said, "We're all here now." The nurse sat between two of her colleagues. The doctor at the head of the table took out his notes.

"How many dolls do we have left?" one intern asked.

"We have only destroyed twenty-five out of countless numbers of them in this city," he explained. The interns and nurses groaned in displeasure.

"That many?" a male intern complained.

"That little brat's outdone us this time," his female colleague added.

"She's not a 'little brat'," their leader was quick to correct, "We've seen what she can do, remember?" The female intern frowned and snorted.

"Now then," the doctor said, "The next issue at hand. The key players in this round are starting to come together again. One and three have encountered each other in this very hospital." The Scottish nurse fought to keep from snickering.

"But what about number two?" another female intern asked.

"She's still hasn't realized what is happening to her," he said, "But her nightmares are breaking through ever since she came off her medication."

"What about the other players?" the nurse asked. A twisted smile came onto the doctor's face.

"They will come," he said, "Each time a doll is broken, more of the truth will rise."

"They won't be able to hide behind their lies," the nurse said.

"Yet, number three is trying to stop us again," a third female intern said. The doctor sat back, nodding.

"Yes, that is a problem," he said.

"So what do we do with her?" another male intern asked.

"We can leave her for now," the leader answered, "But keep tabs on her." His eyes scanned the darkness. "Any other questions?" he asked. Nobody spoke at first. Another nurse rested her hand against the table.

"Why did you have to let Yuki go like that?" she asked. The doctor closed up his nose with a serious look on his face.

"She served her purpose," he said, "She wanted to keep number two in the dark, but as you can see…"

"But did she have to die like that?" the nurse asked.

"It's a shame, but we had to make another kill to start this game," the doctor said. He cut out Yuki's blood-splattered cell phone.

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