Distorted Wonderland


Halo Twelve: Maze:

His maze always started out the same.

He can't see beyond the endless sea of black that tries to consume him. His feet ached to walk this trail again. At first, it's so quiet around him. This was never the easy part, but it would get worse as he kept walking.

The screaming started out with a little whisper. Even a noise that subtle gave him the creeps. He could feel little sparks of air rushing over his head. The source of the screaming came from them. Like him, they are trapped in this endless maze. Only difference was that they were dead with no bodies and he was still alive and had his body. Yet, the constant screams and circling of his own being suggested that they wanted his body to try and escape. He still refused and they still haunt him for it.

Get away! I can't give it over to you! I just want to live in peace. Why can't you all let me be?!

He closed his blinded eyes to hold on to what was left of his sanity. In his mind, he can see red and gray circles spinning at rapid speeds up ahead. He has yet to figure out what they mean. They seem so close, but when he reached up to touch them, the circles vanished in tiny traces of smoke. He wondered what they could possibly mean for him.

He jumped when the screaming gets louder. Great waves of fire rolled down his back. No matter how fast he ran, the flames kept up with him.

Please leave me alone!

The screaming started to weight down on his brain. He shrank down into a trembling ball.

This time however, the maze has gotten worse lately.

To add onto his isolated endless torment, his mind's eye caught the image of a giant hand trying to stab him with a hypodermic needle like a mad child. The nurse's voice laugh at him as the point came just inches away from his chest. The more he tried to dodge, the more the stabbing increased. The needle kept jumping around his head, torso, arms, and legs, getting faster and faster. The nurse sang a child-like song with the stabs, but he couldn't understand the words. He struggled to crawl away, but the needle stabbed after him. Escape didn't work in this endless Hell of darkness. The winds, needle, and voices blended together as if in a drunken slur.

Because he had no voice, he couldn't scream for himself. Though that would be in vain due to the fact that it was his own maze and no one else existed in this empty space.

Suddenly, he froze for something is different tonight.

He can smell something tonight. The stench of corpses mixed with a sickening sweet Arabic perfume. His mind's eye desperately searched for the source. The screaming and the circles kept trying to be a nuisance to him. Suddenly, it got quiet again. He tried to open his blind eyes in vain. He couldn't move his body, but he felt it.

Tonight, he knew he wasn't alone.

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