Distorted Wonderland


Halo Fourteen: Stranger:

He's home today. Evie walked him up to their apartment. It didn't feel like this was his home. Something isn't right anymore. Evie rested her chin on his shoulder.

"We're almost there," she whispered. Her words can't reach him. Michiko kicked down the door to the gates of Hell. He wished that she had never found him.

Evie walked him into the living room and sat him down on the couch.

"There," she said, "You wait right here while I go heat you up something to eat." He wanted to yell out to her to stop her. She had already gone into the kitchen.

After those three Hellish days in the hospital, the maze grew stronger. The screaming made him want to huddle up into a ball. The voices in his head have become more coherent.

"Why did you kill leave me?"

"Take me back!"


"Take me back!"


"Take me back!"

"Take me back!"

"Save me please!"

"Take me back!"

He put his hands over his head and broke down trembling. Please go away; it doesn't have anything to do with me anymore! I just want to live a quiet life now!

"Baby, your lunch is ready!" Evie called him back in reality. She looked and saw her boyfriend on the couch huddled trembling.

"Baby?" she asked, "Baby?!" Her voice was miles away in his head. The dark Hell that he tried to desperately to keep locked away in his head started to seep into the city.

Outside, a blackened fifteen-year-old girl the woman and suffering boyfriend, waiting for the right moment to begin this vicious cycle again.

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