Distorted Wonderland


Halo Fifteen: Underbelly:

Ikebukuro has many secrets hidden within its city. This one is big enough to swallow all of Tokyo in its grasp.

It starts with a silver and red card that is taken to a convenient store near Kinko Sekai Apartments. A middle-aged woman at the counter scans the card and hands the recipient a ticket. This ticket leads to a seemingly abandoned building right next door to Kinko Sekai Apartments.

A masked man takes the ticket and inspects it. If it fails, the holder is turned away. If the ticket passes, holder is let inside. Only about ten percent pass, but there is a little trick to gaining entry. The VIPs get it with just a silver or gold mask on their faces. Their ticket always manages to pass with no question at all.

Once inside, there is a pathway that leads into a narrow hallway. The pounding music in the distance leads to a grand room of delights. Two more masked men lead the winning ticket recipient through the moaning and decadence to a flight of black stairs. Through the purple velvet curtains is the main attraction.

Men wait for hours for the coveted prize to appear on stage. Sliver Dreamer comes out like the goddess that she is admired as. Physically, she looks like a nymphet. Many try to guess her true age. Her owner refuses to tell anyone if they are right or not. All eyes stay on her as she moves around her caged pole. These men all want her and her dance entices them.

She doesn't seem to show any emotion the whole time. She looks like a living dead girl circling her pole. Because of her emotionless state, it drives man to make her more desirable.

After her dance, the auction begins. Highest bidder gets to have Sliver Dreamer for the night to do her with as they pleased. However, money is not allowed to be used here. Guests in this club use points to bargain for this mysterious beauty.

However, who is managing this whole underground club? There are a few powerful hands in the mix, but who watches over everything on the show? Many suspect that a certain information broker in a black furry coat might be in the shadows as the "bouncer" to the decadent party from the distance. This had yet to be proven.

So, what does this decadent club have to do with the wasteland? Much more than anyone thinks to be honest with you.

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