Distorted Wonderland


Halo Three: Sorry:

It's always the same dream. Small, dainty hands drove a sharp knife into his chest. Her red lips always murmur the same thing to him.

"I'm sorry…"

Afterwards he sank into a permanent world of darkness.

That dream felt so real with the knife piercing his heart. He never could hear the voice behind those lips. That didn't stop him from understanding what they were saying. He couldn't match a face or a body to his assailant, but somehow he knew that they were really close to him. That could be the reason why he sensed them crying as he was stabbed.

This wasn't the first time this stabbing has occurred either. Somehow he feels like he has died before by those hands. He doesn't remember trying to stop those hands or not. Those lips might have kissed him before he was stabbed. Maybe his tears tingled with the owner's before his death. All he remembers is the knife, lips, and hands in his reoccurring dream.

Evie walked back into the bedroom and drew back the curtain.

"Good morning," she said. He picked up the wooden figure next to him and tapped it against the floor. Evie smiled to herself.

"I have a busy day today," she said, "New clients are coming today to look at some apartments here in Ikebukuro. American and really rich; the husband has offered to pay up front if he's impressed."


"Oh yes," she said. The blonde American walked over to her boyfriend sitting on the living room floor behind the coffee table. He could smell her pricy French perfume from her bosom as she leaned in close to his face.

"This is going to be a deal for us," she whispered, "I finally got rid of all of the problems with that one apartment and now I have a client interested in it! Wish me luck!" He didn't like the way that sounded. She was talking about apartment 27 in Kinko Sekai Apartments. He can't convince her not to sell it because he has no voice. Evie doesn't believe the stories surrounding it either. All he can do is force himself to smile and nod. His "girlfriend" patted him on the shoulder.

"I will knock them dead!" she bragged. His stomach turned as he heard her footsteps slide into her kitten heels and walk out the door. He can feel the endless dark maze opening up and swallowing him again.

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