Tea Leaves and Green Jade


Match Ten: Kaiju:

"Let's try something different today," the therapist said. Kiku looked at him with tired eyes.

"What?" he asked. The therapist pushed forward a piece of paper and a black ink pen.

"Draw out your dreams," he said. Kiku gave him a big, blank stare. His therapist gave him a calm smile.

"It's okay," he insisted. "You are in a safe place." The other man hesitated before he picked up the pen. His hands shook as he uncapped the pen. A chill raced up his spine as soon as the ink touched the paper. The therapist watched his hands.

"Tell me how you are feeling," he said. Kiku didn't look up.

"I feel fine," he said in an eerily calm voice.

"Have you been sleeping well?"


"Why is that?"

Kiku's pen made black circles on the page. "She won't let me sleep."

"Who? Your wife?"

The other man shook his head as the pen moved back and forth on the paper. The therapist looked at his notes.

"Do you eat well?" he asked. Kiku moved his lips as if he was saying something. The other man gave him a puzzled look.

"What did you say, Honda-san?" he asked, leaning in. Kiku uttered seven words that made his therapist's spine freeze.

"Okay, let's stop drawing!" he said quickly. When he tried to take the paper away, Kiku snatched it back to continue his work.

"Honda-san!" the therapist shouted. Kiku's hand moved faster with the pen to the page. A loud death rattle noise filled the room. The therapist rushed forward with fright in his eyes.

"Honda-san!" he cried, grabbing the client's shoulders. The other man jerked his head upwards.

"What happened?" Kiku asked. His therapist sat back in his chair, trembling.

"Sensei?" his patient asked. On the table sat Kiku's drawing depicting the blackened face of a fifteen-year-old schoolgirl. The therapist's eyes shrank at horror he had just learned.

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