Tea Leaves and Green Jade

World Meeting

Match Fourteen: World Meeting:

"Okay!" Alfred spoke up at the meeting. "We have a situation on our hands!" No one spoke up around the table. The American man bit on his lower lip. Clearly, his mind was elsewhere today. Still, he made himself stay focused.

"We are talking about dreams here," he said. That drew everyone's attention towards him.

"What does everyone see?" Alfred asked. Chatter filled the room no sooner had the question left his mouth.

"Dudes, calm down!" he shouted. His voice disappeared under theirs. However, one country didn't speak up. Kiku looked down at his hands. Only he knew the truth. After all, it did originate with him. He couldn't say a word. They kept him quiet. He's seen this before. Kiku already saw where this was going to go.

"Kiku?" someone asked as they poked him on the arm. The Japanese man jerked his head upwards to see Feliciano inches into his face. He leapt backwards in his chair.

"Yes?" he asked.

"Are you okay?" the Italian man asked. "You don't look so good." Kiku waved him off, shaking his head.

"I'm fine!" he said, quickly. "Really I am!"

"You look so pale!" Feliciano pointed out.

"Just leave me alone!" the Japanese man shouted. All eyes fell upon him. Kiku looked around in a panic.

"I'm sorry! Excuse me!" he blurted out. The man took off running for the bathroom.

"Kiku!" Alfred yelled after him. The door already swung shut.

The cool water ran in the sink as Kiku splashed it on his face. He took in heavy breaths. The man looked at himself in the mirror.

"Get it together, man," he muttered to himself. "You are getting therapy for this. They all want to help through this. You are alone! Don't freak out so much!" Kiku drew in another deep breath. Right… He turned and walked back to the conference room.

In the mirror where he once stood was a reflection of a blackened schoolgirl walking closer to the sink.

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