Tea Leaves and Green Jade


Match Seventeen: Nightmares:

Kiku's having more dreams again. They are starting to feel real to him. Therapy stopped working for him a long time ago. Tonight, his dreams took a different turn.

-Nightmare Begins-

Kiku found himself floating above the sky. The man could see and hear everything above and below him. He focused on the crowds walking around in Yao's homeland. Middle-aged men sat drinking at the bar while their wives were playing mahjong in their homes. The younger folks were looking around for something entertaining to do. The elderly met up at Ikea to look for date. Kiku tried to ease himself in this dream.

There's nothing bad here, he thought. However, something inside of him wouldn't let him do so as he turned looked ahead to a certain house in the distance below. The Japanese man recognized this particular house right away, but couldn't quite put a face to who exactly lived here.

I have seen this before, he thought. But… I can't remember where. Kiku floated downwards as he heard footsteps approaching the house. A girl about fifteen-years-old reached into her purse and pulled out her house key. He could only see her back. The girl pushed open the door and went inside. Before she could fully go inside, a big figure in big leapt out and grabbed her.

Kiku could barely see anything after that. He only caught small glimpses. Clothes being ripped, scratches, screaming, wild groans, and flashes of black. By the end, the girl lay on the living room floor scratched and beaten. Kiku longed to help her, but felt his body being pulled away.

No! I can't leave her! Take me back! Take me back! I have to save her! Take me back! He disappeared into the darkness.

-Nightmare Ends-

Kiku awakes trembling. I have to warn Yao. He reached for his cell phone and dialed the number.

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