Tea Leaves and Green Jade


Match Three: Tenko:

Kiku's meds aren't working anymore. He's starting to see vision outside of his dreams. They are so vivid that he isn't sure if they are hallucinations or actually happening. He sat at his desk, looking at the bottle of pills. His shrink recommended them to him.

"Take these before you go to bed and early in the morning," he said. Kiku took them with a grim smile on his face. In the beginning, the pills worked. Somehow, the visions grew stronger and started to overtake his mind.

Tonight was no different.

Kiku was heading home when the next vision began. He froze when he heard the sound of children laughing. His eyes darted behind him. Before he knew it, a void darkness surrounded him. Kiku held his bag close to his body.

What… What is this?

Playful carnival music filled the air. The man slowly turned his head forward. A giant dark blue and purple tent arose from the ground, opening the front flaps like a giant hungry mouth. Before he knew, Kiku found himself in the middle of a faceless crowd walking towards that monster of a tent. Whispers buzzed around in his ears. The Japanese man took a step backwards.

What is this? Why are you all going in there? Stop! Don't go in there! Turn away! Turn away!

However, the more he thought this, the more he himself walked deeper into the unresponsive crowd. The sea of people didn't have an end behind him. To the sides, vendors popped up like weeds from the ground. Everyone wore yukata in different bright colors. Fireflies flying around the people gave off the only source of light in this vision.

"Come up and try these tasty fried squid dumplings!" one vendor yelled.

"Fresh roasted seaweed!" another shouted.

"Cotton candy!" a third one yelled. The overpowering smells about made Kiku stumble backwards in a faint. He struggled as he tried to remain standing. This isn't real! Get a hold of yourself! Go back! Go back!

"Pssst!" someone behind him whispered. Kiku looked up, bewildered. A man about his age stood in front of him with golden tickets in his hand. Kiku pointed to his nose.

"Me?" he asked.

"Yes!" the other man said with a nod. Kiku wandered over to him with a curious look on his face.

"What is it?" Kiku asked. The man shoved the tickets in his face.

"Take one!" he said. The Japanese man stepped back, shaking his head.

"No, I can't!" Kiku said.

"It's a double feature tonight!" the vendor insisted. The other man shook his head.

"No!" he shouted. The vendor raised an eyebrow at him.

"Why not?" he asked.

"It's a trick!" Kiku yelped. "I won't take it!"

"Please?" the vendor asked. The Japanese man frantically shook his head. The other man sighed and lowered his shoulders.

"Fine," he said. "But you're going to miss a great show." Kiku hesitated at first. I possibly can't… In the end, he gave in and took the golden ticket from his hand. The vendor gave him a little smile.

"Attaboy," he said, panting Kiku on the back.

"Please stop touching me," the Japanese man mumbled to himself.

Kiku ended up walking into the tent with the endless crowd of people. He took a seat near the back exit. The tent was so quiet that he could hear the blood flowing through his veins. Kiku gulped as he tried to keep his mind together. No one said a word as a man in black coat and top hat stepped in the center ring.

"Ladies and gentlemen!" he shouted. His voice was loud enough to shake the whole tent. "We've got a double feature for all of you tonight!" the man in black shouted. "Behold, the Fallen Angel!" He stepped aside as bright white light focused on the center. Kiku saw two big white wings huddle closed. Suddenly, the white feathers slowly opened up, revealing a young woman with bright blonde wavy hair dressed in white. All eyes fell upon this woman. Kiku noticed the look on her face as she rose to her feet.

She looks so sad, he thought. However, the Japanese man noticed something else about this angel on stage. A man with a black demonic face stood behind the angel as she spread her wings. Curious, Kiku felt his body moving around behind the two people on stage. A look of terror came over the man's face as he noticed that the "angel's" wings when gruesomely stitched to her back with wires. The demonic man spread out the wings with black poles like they were a puppet. Kiku floated away, wanting to scream as he could feel the stitches in his back.

No! You can't do this to her! She is not your toy for viewing! Let her go! Let her go!

This isn't the first time that he's had this vision. It's gotten worse this evening. Kiku doesn't know how to stop it anymore. The others are starting to see vision problems with their Japanese friend.

"Shouldn't we talk to him?" Feliciano asked.

"And say what?" Gilbert asked back. Nobody could answer his question. But, how long before the other countries felt the effect of the wasteland themselves?

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