Tea Leaves and Green Jade

Urban Legends

Match Five: Urban Legends:

The other countries started to feel it too.

Visions of a fallen city and a carnival began to appear in their dreams as well. The source came from Kiku himself. To tell the truth, his mind locked away a horrible secret that he himself wasn't consciously aware of. Lately, he smelled blood on his body and clothes. Sena tried to assure him that it was in his head.

"You're just imagining things," she told him. Her husband shoved her off as he walked into the bathroom. Sena sat on the bed with unease in her chest. To be honest, she herself began to small the blood on her body as well.

They weren't the only one.

In the shower, Ludwig could smell the blood the worst. Initially, he thought that it was in his head. I haven't done anything to be covered in blood, he thought. Ludwig believed that it would go away if he took it easy for a couple of days. After about three days of rest, the blood scent grew worse and he didn't understand why.

Where is that smell coming from? Ludwig turned to his laptop for research. When he couldn't come up with the answer, he turned to the doctors.

Kiku smelled the blood the worst. He even began to see ghostly images in his own reflection. As a result, the mirrors in the house ended up covered up. The man couldn't eat or sleep too well anymore.

"Come on, baby," Sena said in a low voice. "You have to eat something." Her husband wouldn't even respond. Nobody could stir him from his despair. With nowhere else to turn, Sena picked up the phone once her husband took a bath.

"Hello, doc?" she whispered. "It's getting worse. Could you help us?"

"I'll see what I can do," the therapist answered on the other line. However, Sena's mind went elsewhere when she felt a drop land on her right cheek. She about jumped at the sensation. What the hell?! Against her better judgment, her eyes trailed upwards. They widened at what she saw dripping from the ceiling.

Oh my… No. No!

Blood drops formed from the ceiling and landed on her face.

Meanwhile, Kiku sat in the tub out in a daze. In his mind, the water turned blood red with the smell to match. Somebody get me out of this hell...

All the way, a blackened fifteen-year-old school girl watched all of them. Yet, she does not move. She might be waiting for something to happen or someone to make the first move to rip open the fragile gates. It is possible that the scent of blood is coming from her.

Meanwhile, Yao, Ju, Hen-to, and Fei waited in a local outdoor café for their "guest of honor."

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