Tea Leaves and Green Jade

Uncle, Deal, and Offers

Match Six: Uncle, Deal, and Doubts:


I looked at my cell phone. "When is he due to arrive?"

"We told him three o'clock," Hen-to answered. I nodded at the outdoor table.

"Ah," I replied. Fei frowned after that short exchange.

"He's going to show up late like he usually does," he grumbled under his breath. I glanced over at him standing behind me.

"That's why we told him three o'clock when we meant four o'clock," I replied. I caught him grinning out of the corner of my eye.

"Oh, I see!" he said aloud.

"Speaking of which," Yao cut in. "Here comes that greedy bastard now." We all looked up to see Jianjun walking towards our table. She kept up my composure.

"Remember the plan," I whispered. My uncle made it over to my party.

"Ju!" he said aloud with his arms wide open. "You're grown so well."

"Yes," I said in a calm voice.

"When I saw you last time, you were a little girl," Jianjun went on.

"Stop kissing up, you old bastard!" Fei cut in. "We know what you're really like!" I put up my hand to stop him.

"That's enough," I said in a low voice. My uncle looked at him as if he hurt his feelings.

"Aw, Fei," he said with a pout. "How could you say that about me?"

"Because it's true," Fei muttered under his breath.

"Anyway," I spoke up. "Please take a seat." Jianjun smiled as he complied. I glanced around at my men around me.

"You too," I said. "Pull up chairs if you have to." Hen-to, Fei, and Yao all got chairs and sat at the table. I took off my sunglasses.

"Good," I said. "Now we can't begin."

"Why didn't you tell me your father was dead?" Jianjun asked.

"You deserve to be kept in the dark," Hen-to hissed behind my ear.

"There you go again," my uncle said. "You don't seem to have such a high opinion of me. He's family, I deserve to know."

"No, you don't," Yao growled.

"Ah, Wang, so good to see you alive and well," Jianjun said. "And still looking like a woman." Yao was about to speak when I held up my hand to stop him.

"Okay, let's focus here," I spoke up. "Save the pleasantries on your own time." All of the men went quiet, but still glared daggers at each other. I better make this quick before war breaks about me. I cleared my throat.

"Jianjun," I said. "I have an offer for you." He raised an eyebrow at me.

"What kind of offer?" he asked. I rested my hands under my chin.

"We are willing to offer you 12355 yuan a month," I said. I could tell by the look on his face that he didn't fully go for it.

"What's the catch?" he asked.

"Please leave the clan alone," I said. "It's what father would've wanted."

"Why should I?" Jianjun asked. "You people didn't even bother to invite me to the funeral!"

"Because you're a vulture!" Hen-to barked.

"Hen-to, please," I said. I turned my attention back to Jianjun once my advisor closed his mouth. "Please, I'm dealing with college and clan now. Just take the money." Jianjun sat back thinking.

"12355 yuan a month, huh?" he asked.

"Yes," I said. "Do we have a deal?" He rose to his feet and turned to leave.

"Jianjun?" I asked. My uncle glanced over his shoulder at us.

"I'll think about it," he said in a cold tone. He walked away, leaving me unease about this. The waiter approached our table with our tea.

"Well?" Yao asked. I picked up my cup and took a drink.

"I think it will be alright for now," I lied. My partner and advisors could tell in my tone they weren't too convinced.

"Should we keep watch over him?" Hen-to whispered in my ear.

"Yeah," I said, nodding. I took another long sip of my tea to help calm me down. I think I made the right call, surely I did.

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