Weeping Angel


Key Nine: Plotting:

Harry spread out his map on the table.

"Okay," he said, "This is the whole city." Allen, Ophelia, Tyrone, and Kit looked at the table-wide map.

"Wow!" they all said.

"There's so much detail here," Allen said amazed. Harry nodded with a smile on his face.

"Yep," he said, "I made it with my eyes in the sky."

"Eyes in the sky?" the leader asked.

"He can see around him for miles around him from the sky," Ophelia explained.

"But how?" Allen asked, "I thought all angels left their power when they left the city or lost their wings." Harry and Ophelia smiled at him in mischief.

"It's a secret," Ophelia said.

"I could show you some time," Harry added. He turned back to the map. He pointed to a black dot inches away from the tower. "We are here," he explained, "We are in the eighth circle in the city."

"Eighth circle?" Allen asked.

"That's right," Ophelia explained, "Each circle leads to the tower."

"In order to get out," Harry said, "We would have to travel through the circles. It would be best to travel at night. During the daytime, there are bounty hunters looking angels escaping." Kit shuddered at that statement.

"I hate those," he said.

"Yeah," Harry said nodding, "They will hunt in exchange for food." Allen tilted his head rather confused.

"Angel meat," Ophelia explained dryly before he could open his mouth. Allen withdrew his thought as his face went pale.

"Yes," Ophelia told him, "Not fun, I know."

"The toughest circle to leave is seven," Harry explained, "The elements are a cruel bitch there. We have to move as quickly as possible. At most, it'll take three days to cross. From there, we still have other elements to brave." His finger moved through the seventh circle to the fifth. "Now the fifth circle," he said, "There is a moat that surrenders the third level of the city. There is a boat that leaves two times a day, noon and midnight."

"I will work with the boatman to carry us across," Ophelia replied, "He usually does not agree so well, but I can handle the talking."

"From there," Harry said, "There are four more circles until we get to the entry." Everyone watched his fingers as he spoke.

"What other obstacles do we have to deal with?" Allen asked, "I know there is the wind, heat, and bounty hunters."

"Well," Tyrone said, "You'll need fire power to through this trip."

"And mechanics," Kit said.

"Alright," Allen said, "We're almost here, but we need a guide." Everyone else went quiet. The exorcist looked at his team.

"No one?" he asked.

"I don't get much out of the hotel much," Harry replied.

"I haven't been beyond the moat," Ophelia admitted. Allen sighed and lowered his head.

"Right," he said, "So we'll have to get a guide."

"But where?" Kit asked. Suddenly, Harry paused as he glanced around.

"Do you hear that?" he whispered. The rest of the team took a listen.

"No…" Ophelia said. Harry got up and raced over to the closet. With his good arm, he ripped open the door. A small dirty-looking girl looked up to see him.

"You!" he snapped. The girl struggled to think of something to say. He grabbed her and pushed her into the room. She hit the table and map with a thud. The team looked puzzled as the action happened so fast. Harry pinned her down with his free hand.

"Tell me how much you heard!" he barked, "How much have you heard?! How much have you heard?!" The girl looked up at him in a panic.

"Nothing!" she blurted out, "Though I do know of a faster way to get through the eighth circle." All eyes stayed on her. The angel glanced up at them with wide eyes. "Please, don't eat me!" She shielded herself from anyone potentially grabbing her. Allen raised an eyebrow at her.

"How well do you know this city?" he asked. The girl peeked out from her arms rather puzzled.

"I have been in and out of all nine circles in and out," the girl said quickly.

"And you would know the best ways out?" Allen asked.

"Yes!" she yelped. The lead angel gave her a little smile.

"Actually, we have a better use for you," he said, "Just… what is your name?" The girl lowered her arms still puzzled.

"Grace," the angel said, "My name is Grace."

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