Weeping Angel


Key Ten: Tate:

"Wait!" Kit spoke up, "There's one more thing." All eyes fell upon him.

"What?" Allen asked.

"Tate," the mechanic replied. The other angels frowned.

"Oh," they said.

"Tate," Harry repeated. Allen looked back and forth at his party.

"Tate?" he asked.

"The guy that tried to have you mauled," Ophelia told him.

"Oh," Allen said with a frown.

"There go our plans," Harry murmured.

"No," Allen said, "That can't be it."

"What can we do against him, man?" Tyrone asked.

"He'll have us all killed for trying to escape," Kit said in a low voice. Allen shook his head.

"We'll have to fight back," he said.

"But how?" Kit asked, "He has his army."

"Oh…" Allen murmured. He went back into thought.

"Can't we avoid him?" Grace asked.

"How?" Harry asked, "He has eyes everyone."

"We'll think of something," Allen said. If only I hadn't lost Timcanpy…

"I think there is a way…" Ophelia spoke up. All eyes fell on her.

"What?" Harry asked. The host angel pressed her lips together.

"It's nothing, really," she muttered.

"Please," Allen said, "This is important!" Ophelia clenched her fists in her lap.

"Well," she mumbled, "He won't do rounds for three nights." They all stared at her intently.

"Why is that?" Allen asked. Ophelia shook her head.

"I haven't figured that out yet," she replied.

"That's good!" the leader said quickly, "This will work out perfectly!" He turned back to the rest of his crew.

"Plans will continue at sundown," he said.

"So soon?" Kit asked.

"Why not?" their leader asked, "Just get some rest and we'll take off after the sun goes down. Understood?"

"Yes," everyone said rather reluctantly.

"It'll be fine," Allen encouraged them, "We just need to follow the plan and we'll be okay." Ophelia made herself smile.

"Yeah!" she agreed. The rest of the crew relaxed for the time being. Allen smiled to himself as he headed back to his room.

The next morning, the crew headed out on their "vacation."

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