Weeping Angel


Key One: Ophelia:

Allen wandered around the deserted landscape of a city. He had been walking around for days and days. He had no idea how long since he escaped from the tower or where he was going. The fog and heated blowing winds did little to aid him on his quest. The only thing that kept him going was the thought of freedom from this forsaken city. The only time he would stop is to look around at the ruin and crumbling glass on the blackened soil. Most of the buildings were half-sunken into the ground. The sight of them made him shudder. Allen had to make himself keep walking and not look at the destruction around him.

The rocky black ground made his feet ache, but he still wouldn't stop walking. The eerie quiet around him did little to ease his nerves. Despite the weakness in his body, Allen pushed himself to run at one point. To his surprise, the infection in his body laid dormant and not crippling him. The angel had the guess that the air quality was different from the tower. His only problem was that everything looked the same around him as he kept walking.

Allen walked over rolling blackened hills. The gushing burning winds tried to knock him to the ground at one point on his journey. He shielded himself as he tried to remain standing. He couldn't even tell if it was day or night in this rotting city. In the heavy fog, Allen turned as if he had the feeling that someone was following him. He stopped and turned to see a figure standing just inches away from him. Curious, Allen walked over for a better look. An androgynous person stared him down silent. The person took off running when the angel tried to walk over to them. Allen got another look as the fog blew by.

"Angel, aren't you?" the person asked. They sank down to the ground as they gasped in pain from another headache. They let out a strangle cry.

"What's wrong?" Allen asked as they raced over to them. The person looked up at him and desperately tried to crawl away. Allen moved in closer as they kept trying to escape. To his horror, the androgynous looks like a living skeleton with dirty skin and tangled up short dark hair. Their clothes looked crawled away and raggedy. He backed up gasping. The person stared at him with big eyes.

"Are you… an angel too?" Allen asked. The person let off a raspy chuckle.

"Heh," they said, "I suppose so, but I used to be human." The angel picked up a handful of gravel and threw it back to the ground. "What a hell this is," she muttered, "This is crap!" They rose to their feet as they looked around the dilapidated city with Allen.

"Long ago, this place was a beautiful and prosperous city," the angel told him, "Nobody knows what happened to it or how. In the end, it turned into this ruined, empty Hell around us." The angel turned their attention to Allen.

"Now, because the monsters have come and taken over everything," they explained, "That tower breathes life into strange plants like those over there." Huge purple alien-like flowers stood like trees in this empty Hellish city. It didn't help that they let off a foul odor in the air.

"Nobody knows what they are," the other angel told him.

"They don't?" Allen asked. The other angel asked.

"Monster flowers," they said. The angel picked up another flower off the ground and showed it to the escaped angel. "Look," they said, "This is a baby monster. Thorns all over the stem, black and gold petals, and it stinks as well." They handed it to Allen.

"The ruin polluted this city," the seasoned angel went on, "The tower pumps the poison into the ground, water, and sky. Not just the city itself, it also ruins angels like me." They placed their hand to their flat, flail chest. The angel sat down on the ground.

"The monsters ruined everything," they complained as Allen took a seat next to them, "They trap us in this nightmare wasteland and nobody can leave. There is no join here. Cries of agony fill the night. Nature goes to die here with our hopes and dreams." Allen looked around though the fog.

"Do you eat here?" he asked. The other angel glared at him.

"There is no food here!" they snapped, "We city angels feed on ourselves!" The other angel drew their knees to their chest.

"The weak ones go first," they explained, "It's about my turn now." The angel smirked to themselves. Even here in this city, we have ranks. Lower circle angels are eaten by those trapped in the higher circle. They used to be high and proud, but now they throw their weight around to us weaker angels." The seasoned angel rose to their feet laughing.

"So let them have their way," they said, "Let their chains weigh them down! Let them live here in torture with their misery. It's hell in this city anyway! It's worse than death. We all can't die if we wanted to." The angel paused and walked over to Allen.

"That's the monsters punishment for us," they said, "Immortality. They rot and because really ugly. I'll be eaten and released." The angel laughed, but then paused in fear. "But, I don't want to be eaten!" they yelped, "That's why I keep running away. But then I get so hungry, that I feel so disgusted with myself." The angel's mood changed into a deeper melancholy one.

"Back when I was human," they lamented "I killed both of my children because I was abandoned and couldn't take care of them. Now, I can't have children anymore. I haven't been able to forgive myself since. Just like my lovers, God has abandoned me." The angel sank down to the ground and buried their head into their lap. Allen was about to say something when a low groan filled the air. He rose to his feet, looking around.

"Hear that?" the other angel him on the ground, "When night comes, those famous angels scream out in pain. The monsters inflict a pain their brains worse than any cancer. They pray for death, but God has rejected them and lets them live in their misery for eternity. The monsters have no desire to kill them, so the angels in the city scream." The other angel rose to their feet.

"Come, I'll show you," they said, "You'll see how they cry." Allen dropped the flower on the ground and followed behind. The angels walked further along the blackened sharp ground. They came down to a pit filled with skeleton-like angels screaming in pain. The high winds carried their screams throughout the city. The dirt on their skin and the exposed bones made their ugliness even worse. Some of them rolled around in their pain. Most were huddled over and screaming. Allen took steps back at their cries. He couldn't decide which was worse—this or the vegetated angels locked into the tubes in the graveyard basement of the tower. The city angels' cries made his stomach turn. His guide only laughed before pausing with shock.

"The pain's starting to take me too," they said as they clutched their head. Allen rushed to his guide's aid as they sank to their knees in pain.

"Go away," they hissed. Allen took a sit back confused.

"Go where?" he asked. The other angel rose to their feet with a demonic-like mask look on their face.

"Do you want to suffer this hell too?!" they asked in a deep, terrifying growl. The sound and face sent Allen running aimlessly through the barrow wasteland. The other angel had to the lunge at him to make him do so. Allen ran away through the endless wails of torment.

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