Weeping Angel


Key Two: Rescue:

It took a long while, but Allen finally managed to regain his senses and do some thinking. I can't leave him out in this Hell, the angel thought. After all, that angel was nice to him and showed him around a bit. Plus, Allen could tell they felt remorse for killing their children. It didn't take long for to make his resolve. However, it didn't take him long to realize that he had a small problem.

"I don't know where I am!" he shouted out in the emptiness. Nevertheless, Allen turned back around and started his search. Walking through the abandoned city to escape was bad enough as it was. Backtracking to go find was just as bad if not worse. By this time, the heated winds picked and blew dust all around. Allen fought to remain standing as her pushed through the storm.

I have to get back to him!, he thought. He pressed on further. The conditions only made the walk worse. After many miles of walking, Allen finally fell to the blackened sand below him. He huddled up into a ball to try and take the violent blowing winds around him. The angel didn't even have the strength get up in the dust storm.

By morning, Allen awoke to someone kicking him on the shoulder. He slowly opened the eyes and looked up. A skinny man with dirty blonde curly hair gave him the evil eye. Allen blinked at him confused.

"Who are… you?" he asked. The standing man kicked him in the chest. The angel on the ground coughed in agony.

"Hey!" he shouted, "What the hell?!" The blonde man turned to the sky and looked up.

"Everyone!" he yelled, "I caught another one!" Allen looked around as a high-pitched whistle filled the air. He froze when a whole hoard of demonic-like faces came out from the rubble. Allen's eyes moved to the man standing behind him.

"Uh… what is this?" he asked. The man smirked at him. The sight of his rotting teeth made Allen reel back startled.

"You came to the wrong place, son!" the man snapped. He turned the faces above them and lifted his hand. The demonic-looking angels raced downwards towards Allen. The angel on the ground looked around for a weapon. His strength hadn't fully healed up yet, so couldn't use his arm. Allen shield himself for the upcoming attack.

"Stop!" someone yelled. Screams, a violent kick to the abdomen, and the air leaving a body with a gag raced over the victim's head. When it all got quiet, Allen looked up to see a scarred up back blocking out the dim sun in the sky. He instantly recognized that voice.

"It's you," Allen said in a small voice to his guide. The tall curly-haired angel glared at the angel blocking him from the target.

"You!" he snapped, "Get out of the way! He's a tower angel!"

"No, no!" the guide screamed, "He's not! He's new in the city!"

"You're liar!" the man snapped.

"I'm not!" the guide screamed, "You have to believe me, Tate!"

"Then why haven't I seen him around the city?' the man asked.

"Uh… he's been in hiding!" the guide blurted out. Tate took a step forward.

"Where?" he asked. The guide frantically looked around for a random location in the dusted empty street.

"There!" they yelled as they pointed to the building directly behind Tate. He turned and raised an eyebrow at the broken windows.

"The pachinko parlor?" he asked.

"Yes!" the guide yelped. Allen, Tate, the attackers, and the guide all stood down for tense seconds. Tate snorted and turned away. Allen and the guide watched as the other angels retreated into the dusty clouds above. The victim turned to his guide who was now getting them a cold look of their own.

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